Gardening in small spaces

Having a large backyard often means growing a garden and taking advantage of the abundance of soil. However, downsizing has become more popular than ever, according to MarketWatch. But living with limited space doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden. Growing plants, vegetables and flowers in your patio via container gardening is still achievable.

Here are a few tips for gardening in small spaces:

Pick the right plants, flower and produce

Whether you’re using a small bed of soil or have potted plants dispersed throughout your patio, make sure you choose seasonal greenery, flowers and vegetables. Lifestyle blog Natural Living Ideas recommends growing petunias, hydrangeas, and perennials for flowers. Radishes, arugula and cucumbers are perfect to grow this time of year as well.

Water often

Because your plants won’t be in the ground like a traditional garden, you need to pay more attention to how often you feed them. Gardening Know How recommends watering outdoor potted plants daily — sometimes even twice a day — when the temperature nears 85 degrees F and warmer.

Keep the pests away

One of the many benefits of container gardening is keeping the pests out of your plants and fresh produce, but only if the area is protected. Phantom Screens can provide the protection you need from bugs so you can tend and maintain your garden all season long, while still providing the fresh air your plants need to thrive.