Is an all-seasons patio worth the investment for restaurant owners?

As a restaurant owner, the decision to invest in an all-seasons patio depends on more than just initial cost and space. Ultimately, getting the most return on your investment depends on how much revenue the expansion of your dining room will bring. It sounds like a large undertaking, but you may be surprised by how feasible investing in an outdoor space can be. 

Benefits of an all seasons patio

More seating is the biggest draw of having an all seasons patio. Even a few additional seats can result in extra profit, Contract Furnishings found. They estimated that if a restaurant kept their 24-seat patio open an additional 15 days in a season, they could gain an additional $60,000. 

Imagine the possible return of keeping your patio open year-round. Additionally, Toast identified that restaurants with flexible outdoor spaces can benefit from different menu offerings, being pet-friendly and added space for branding, which can help attract new diners. 

Clearly, all-seasons patios can be solid investments for restaurant owners, and contrary to prior belief, they are not difficult to construct.

No construction disruptions

Creating an all-seasons patio space is easy with Phantom Screens. The manual or automatic screens can be used to enclose an existing outdoor space or included in a new design to create a truly functional dining area. Installation is easy, and the screens provide a barrier from debris and inclement weather. Guests can enjoy an outdoor space comfortably year-round with vinyl screens that help control temperature and provide 90% UV block.

If your restaurant is ready to experience the benefits of an all seasons patio, get in touch with the experts at Phantom Screens today.