4 easy ways to customize your residential project

When customizing your residential project, there is a fine line between adding features that will appeal to the majority of buyers and spending money on changes that won’t drastically affect market interest. Trying to identify which features will increase the value of the home can be daunting, but we’re here to tell you about four easy ways to customize your next build to catch the eye of home buyers. 

Outdoor living space

A recent report by Kiplinger found that 87% of potential buyers want an outdoor living space for relaxation and entertainment purposes. Creating a multi-functional outdoor space is easy with Phantom Wall Screens, which allow for year-round use of outdoor patio spaces.

Energy efficient windows

The same report found that 89% of would-be buyers are looking to limit their utility bills by having energy-efficient windows and doors. Many builders may not realize that all energy-efficient windows don’t need to look the same. Phantom Window Screens come in signature colors to custom match trim and can help shade homes for added efficiency.

Indoor & outdoor lighting

From unique outdoor uplighting to skylights, buyers want both natural and artificial lighting options to showcase their space. Recessed lighting, or a statement fixture in combination with natural light helps make rooms feel spacious and airy. Lighting up the walkway and showcasing the landscape with uplighting and downlighting instantly adds curb appeal, even at night. 

Nooks & storage

From breakfast benches to unique kitchen cabinets and a designated laundry room, homebuyers want custom storage space according to Space Wise. If you have the room to add an extra closet or reading bench, definitely do so.