Illuminate your porch or patio

The days are shorter, but you shouldn’t have to forego entertaining and enjoying your patio after the sun goes down. Set the mood by illuminating your porch or patio – it will completely transform the space. With so many options for trendy outdoor lighting it may seem tricky but don’t let that stop you! Here are some tips, trick and ideas to get you started designing your dreamy outdoor space that’s useable all year-round:


Conversation starters

Chandeliers, lanterns, lamps – don’t be scared to make a statement with a bold lighting choice! A bright, attention drawing light is gorgeous and creates a cozy and romantic feel. This chouce works best with neutral or muted décor and furniture as it should be the main focus. Too many other complex pieces will make the space less “romantic cozy” and more cluttered and overwhelming. If your style is more modern contemporary, try going for a lantern. This will blend well with your interior design and create that seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. They are also very easy to find at stores like Home Depot and Target.



Save money

If you have a smaller patio and want to brighten it up without spending a fortune on installation, candles are the perfect, cheap solution. Line them along the perimeter of your deck, or set them on patio tables to create a beautiful scene at the next dinner party. If you want to protect your candles from blowing out with the wind, hurricane candle holders can keep them lit all night!



All about those string lights

String lights. Are. Everywhere. You can find them at Costco, Walmart, or even a dollar store! You can go for the vintage Edison bulbs, warm twinkle lights, star-shaped lights – the possibilities really are endless. String lights are a snap to hang and can give your patio an extra bit of color. Weave them in and out of your garden area, string them above the dining area or wrap them around a tree for easy assembly!



Create ventilation

A ceiling fan is perfect if you have an outdoor kitchen or BBQ as it will really help with air circulation in the summer. In the cooler months, its great as focal point and provides great lighting as well.


Landscape lighting

illuminate your garden, walkways, or trees to really create that tranquil and cozy outdoors. Perfect if you have a gorgeous backyard, or if you don’t have an outdoor living space to light up and still want to join the trend. Landscape lighting can be solar or battery powered or you can have it installed into the ground.

If you REALLY want to transition your outdoor living space into a truly functional entertainment area, Phantom Screens are the perfect addition as they provide natural ventilation into your home, and control the climate in your outdoor spaces!