How to prevent color fading in your home

Summer is right around the corner, and that means days filled with warmth and sunshine. As ideal as a sunny day can be, the intense UV rays can actually be causing the vibrant colors of your home to fade faster than intended.

Here are our tips for how to prevent color fading in your home: 

Know when it’s time for a fresh coat of paint

According to Painters in Philly, a good-quality paint can last seven to 10 years before natural fading occurs. But, fluctuations of heat, extreme light and temperature can all cause the chemical structure and bond of the paint to break down faster. 

Vibrant or dark colors absorb UV rays, so if a room receives a lot of intense light during the day, consider painting it a lighter color that won’t fade as quickly.

Apply your paint correctly

One of the best things you can do to prevent paint color from fading is apply it properly. Boysen recommended homeowners ensure the paint itself is not over-thinned. A low-quality or watery paint makes it easier for UV rays to penetrate the coating, which causes color to fade faster.

Utilize the correct window screens

Curtains are a great way to protect your indoor colors from sun-exposure, but they also block your view. Investing in the correct mesh for your window screens can actually help provide shade from the sun without the need for bulky drapes.

At Phantom Screens, there is plenty of choice when it comes to mesh for retractable window screens. A tighter mesh can block more sunlight and even keep your space cooler to help your furniture and walls retain their color longer.