See the New American Home Smart Patio in Action

TNAH 2020

The New American Home (TNAH) is the premier show house developed by the National Association of Home Builders’ bringing new concepts, design trends and innovative construction techniques together. 

On January 22, 2020, Phantom Screens, Control4, Infratech and Somfy hosted an event at the home for builders and designers. They showcased the technologies used to create the state-of-the-art dwelling that seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living in one of America’s most scenic locations on the hills of Las Vegas overlooking the lit-up Vegas strip.

Four companies coming together to transform outdoor living

Phantom Screens is a company built on innovation, and collaborating with like-minded businesses is how we further transform the industry. Alongside Control4, Infratech and Somfy, we were able to present how each of our company’s products created the perfect solution for builders and architects seeking to enhance and differentiate their designs.

Introducing the SMART all-season patio

Imagine this: A home system that is so in-tuned to the climate and your needs that it can automatically ensure your home maintains optimum energy efficiency day and night. While this may sound like the home of the future, this is the technology that CEO of Phantom Screens, Esther De Wolde, was able to speak to.

In The New American Home, Phantom’s motorized solar shades provide daytime cooling and evening heat retention in the modern outdoor patio that connects to the kitchen, living area and master bedroom.

Phantom’s motorized retractable screens are seamlessly integrated with Somfy’s intelligent motors to provide solar-shading and insect protection. Arriving home from a long day, these motors automatically sense the temperature to roll down the screens so you can relax and unwind in the shade. 

With the touch of a button on your remote or smartphone, you can then retract the screens to take in an unobstructed view of the sunset. As night approaches, these same motors detect the change in temperature to once again deploy. At the same time, infrared heaters from Infratech turn on to keep your space warm while the mesh screens work to retain the heat in your space so you remain comfortable.

Control4 brings the system together with home automation, adding ease and convenience to homeowners in any environment or season.

Helping builders and architects differentiate their designs

Our screens work in conjunction with overhead infrared heaters, smart controls and home automation systems to bring homeowners the best of indoor and outdoor living.

“When we get together, we can learn how our products work together,” Esther said on the project. “We can collaborate and create a complete turn-key solution for building professionals wanting to make a difference for their clients and bring them something new and novel.”

By offering this one-stop solution for homeowners, builders and architects can offer their clients a unique living experience designed for their comfort. In many cases, incorporating offerings from these power-houses, in-home systems and technology can give builders and edge up over the competition.

For more information on how to utilize Phantom Screens to enhance outdoor living spaces in your next construction or renovation project, contact the experts today.