How to keep your patio cool during the hottest days of the summer

Summer’s end may be right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean the temperatures will drop any time soon. The end-of-summer heat is no reason head inside to stand in front of the air conditioning when you should be outside enjoying the sun before the weather cools down.

Take advantage of your patio space through the hottest days of summer and keep cool with these tips:

Keep a mini-fridge nearby

A cool and refreshing beverage can make the warmest days more bearable. To stay hydrated and satisfied, fill a mini-fridge with your favorite summertime drinks and place it on the patio for convenient access.

Invest in an outdoor area rug

An outdoor deck can often absorb the sun’s rays and makes it difficult to walk around without shoes. If you’re someone who would rather kick it barefoot in your backyard, place an outdoor area rug around the patio. Be sure to choose options in light colors that reflect the sun and keep things cool. This also goes for the cushions and throw pillows on your patio furniture.

Enclose your outdoor space

If you’re looking for shade from the sun but have no plans to head inside before the end of the day, Phantom Screens can help. We provide a motorized, retractable solution for the hottest days of summer. Our screens provide increased privacy, protection from bugs and climate control when the heat doesn’t let up.