Turn your home into the best staycation you’ve ever had

While going on vacation sounds like a relaxing and thrilling time, the effort put into the planning can be quite the opposite. If you’re worried about the stress that comes with getting ready for a getaway, why not take a staycation instead? It’s the perfect opportunity to take time off work, chill with your family and friends and enjoy the local surroundings you often take for granted.

Here are a few ways to kick back, relax and enjoy a staycation in the comfort of your backyard:

Unplug for a while

With a smartphone, it’s easy to remain at work while you’re on vacation, especially when you refuse to turn off email notifications. Take some time during the day to turn your phone off and enjoy your surroundings, free of distractions.

Hang a hammock

Whether you’re looking for a place to lounge, read a book or slip into an afternoon snooze, a hammock swaying in the wind can take your mind to a different place.

Dine al fresco

Prepare grilled meals and dine under the sun just like you would at a five-star resort.

Create a resort-like patio setting

If you think you’ll want a break from the sun during your staycation but don’t have plans to head inside before the sun goes down, invest in a motorized wall screen. A retractable solution can enclose your patio instantly, allowing you to continue enjoying the fresh air with added privacy and a barrier from the sun’s rays. It’s the perfect addition to any staycation.