8 ways to perk up your patio

Outdoor living spaces are an extension of the home – during the summer months it’s the space where people often spend the most of their time. Patios become an outdoor sanctuary and can transform into the perfect party space for a summer get-together. Therefore, you want your patio to look its best. Aside from beautiful furniture and perfect accessories, here’s how to perk up your space to make it look magazine-worthy.

Designate zones

In order to have a really organized patio space, it’s important to define different activity zones. Guests should know where to sit and relax, where they can get a drink and chat with friends and where they can dine. An area to sit and relax should be filled with plenty of seating, a cozy fireplace and flowers to give the space some life. A socialization area could include a bar with stools, while a dining area should have a big table to host several guests.

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Change fabrics

You’d be surprised how much a change of color or pattern can alter the mood of an entire patio. If you’re sick of last year’s design, switch your cushions and pillows out for different bold colors and patterns. Pattern pillows atop solid cushions look great for a dynamic finish.

Go vertical

While it may feel good to have the warm sun on you as you relax on your patio, there are always those days where it’s a little too hot for comfort. If you’re dining outside or simply chatting with friends, open up a colorful market umbrella. This will not only bring an element of decor and a splash of color into your space, it provides some much-needed shade and even adds a vertical element to an otherwise horizontal room.

Create a shady oasis

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Add some glam

Just because your patio is outdoors doesn’t mean that it can’t look just as glamorous and luxurious as the interior of your home. Bring some bling outside with a crystal chandelier to hang above the dinner table or even stringed lights to illuminate the space with a soft and subtle twinkling glow.

Have a countertop for food prep

If you’re going to be grilling outdoors often and hosting plenty of get-togethers with friends, you’ll want to create an outdoor kitchen that will suffice for all of your cooking needs. A countertop for food prep and storage will help to greatly enhance your space and make it easier to whip up a summer meal without having to run between the indoors and outdoors for supplies.

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Incorporate a reading nook

If you’re an avid reader and love to escape from the world with a good book, your patio is the perfect place to read and relax. Set up a comfortable chair in the corner of your space with plenty of pillows. Nestle a small side table next to the chair with a floor lamp equipped with an all-weather shade to give you just enough light to keep reading well past dusk.

Water, anyone?

Adding a water feature to your patio can really help to amp up the “wow” factor. It doesn’t have to be a giant fountain in order to do the trick. Try filling a water-tight pot with a few floating plants to really give your patio an extra special touch.