Endless Comfort, Any Weather: Phantom Screens’ Climate Control

Experience comfort in every season with Phantom Screens’ motorized retractable vinyl screens. Maintaining a cozy living space is important as temperatures shift throughout the year. Whether you’re dealing with hot summers, chilly winters, or the transitional months, Phantom Screens’ retractable vinyl screens offer a solution for enjoying your space regardless of the weather.

Seamless Climate Control

Phantom Screens has revolutionized indoor and outdoor living with its advanced vinyl screens crafted for weather protection. These versatile screens shield against elements, delivering exceptional climate control for your home’s outdoor living space. From patios and porches to lanais and pergolas, these screens create a buffer against mother nature, allowing you to relish your space year-round.

See Them In Action On The Southern Living Idea House 2023

The Southern Living Idea House 2023 can enjoy the upper patios year-round with its new dual roller system. The cozy Southern home can now enjoy outdoor dining and entertaining all year. Even the cooler months are no match for these dual roller systems, and the homeowners are protected from any party interrupter. 


Best of Both Worlds

Why choose vinyl or mesh when you can have both with the dual roller system. Combine vinyl and mesh – for a versatile and adaptable solution. Seamlessly transition between clear vinyl, providing climate control and protection, and mesh that allows fresh air and insect protection. With the click of a button, you can effortlessly choose the right material for any situation, ensuring year-round comfort and enjoyment of your indoor and outdoor spaces.


Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Step into indoor and outdoor living with Phantom Screens’ vinyl screens. These screens shield you from extreme weather while ensuring optimal comfort throughout the year. Bid farewell to temperature extremes and welcome a space that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle, regardless of the season. Invest in the future of cozy living with Phantom Screens’ vinyl screens – your pathway to a harmonious blend of nature and nurture.


Want to read more about Phantom Screens and Southern Living? Find the whole story here: https://www.phantomscreens.com/southernliving/ 


Jessica Croft | Nov, 2023