Danny Lipford and the Kuppersmith Home

So you’ve probably guessed by now I love the South. I love it for all its warmth and charm and hospitality. And even though I promise to write about other places and other projects, I am hoping you’ll indulge me again, so I can tell you about one of my favorite projects – the Kuppersmith home in Mobile, Alabama.

It’s a favorite of mine for a couple of reasons. The first is that it’s a beautiful heritage home which has been transformed into a really low maintenance home with all the modern conveniences. And the second reason is that the whole project was managed by Danny Lipford of the TV show Today’s Homeowner. Danny is the kind of contractor people love. He’s great at his job, super creative and has a ton of energy. Plus he’s got a really kind heart and a smile that just makes everybody happy.

The Kuppersmith house is a 3,190 sq. ft. Tudor-style home, built in 1926. It was restored by the Lipford Construction team back in 2011 and is now a wonderful combination of old world charm and modern day living. Of course, it features Phantom’s Executive motorized retractable screens, to protect the deck from insects, so in my mind that makes it just about perfect.

The whole project was recorded and broadcast on Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford TV show and you can watch a couple of the videos of him talking about Phantom Screens below. I’ve also included a nice photo gallery so you can take a virtual stroll through this elegant home.

The great thing about the screens is they really allow the homeowners to open up their living space without being bothered by insects. It also allows them to shade themselves from the sun but still enjoy fresh air and natural ventilation on their back porch. It’s really the best of outdoors – indoors!

Danny discusses how the screens will be integrated

Danny takes a tour of the new and the old parts of the home

The Executive motorized screens are built into the home

A grand tour of the Kuppersmith Home

The technical bit

OK. So you’ve watched the videos and looked at the pictures. Here are the details you need to know if you wanted Executive motorized screens on your home.

Product:                              Executive Screens by Phantom®

Mesh Type:                         Sheerweave 2360

Mesh Color:                        Charcoal

Mesh Details:                     90% sun control/ UV blockage and 10% openness

The tracks and housings of the screens were recessed into the porch columns, allowing the screens to disappear when not in use. The mesh type (Sheerweave 2360 by Phifer) in a charcoal finish helps to block the UV rays from entering the screened-in porch – creating a cooler temperature when the screens are lowered. And when you want to sit on the porch and enjoy an iced tea with a completely unobstructed view, you can retract the screens into their housings at the touch of a button.