Beating the bugs with retractable screens!

How about we start this post with some gruesome, stomach churning facts? For readers of a more sensitive disposition, please skip to the third paragraph!

OK then. Here goes: did you know that mosquitoes fly up to 14 miles for a blood meal? Or that houseflies taste with their feet and love decaying matter? Or did you know that moths contaminate food by leaving their skin behind? Not nice, is it?  The fact is that wherever you live insects in your home can be a real pain. It’s not just that they’re unhygienic or dirty. They can be really annoying too – biting, making you itch and at worst, spreading disease.

But that’s where Phantom’s retractable screens come into their own! With our disappearing screens you can open up your home to enjoy the fresh air and the breeze and not have to suffer with annoying bugs – even at night when the lights are on!

And here’s why Phantom Screens are so good for insect protection. The part of a screen that stops the bugs is the mesh. The mesh pulls across the doorway or window and allows the fresh air in, but not the bugs.

We have a whole range of mesh types – all of them protect against insects and UV rays. For example, we have a mesh type called “No-See-Um” which has really tiny holes that stop even the smallest bugs from getting into your home. And our standard insect mesh has slightly large holes. If you look at the image below, you’ll see the difference between the two mesh types.

But you’re not just limited two mesh types. We have over thirty different meshes available so it’s really up to you to decide what level of protection you want.  You can choose mesh which protects your home from the glare of the sun, or provides privacy from prying eyes. You can even choose mesh to block out the light – which is perfect for kids bedrooms or people who have to work shifts.

It’s really up to you. The best way to decide is to contact your local distributor who will talk you through all the options!

By using retractable screens, you can keep mosquitoes and flying insects, moths and bugs out of your home, while enjoying natural ventilation – so the screens really do allow you to open up your home.

We’ve got lots of products which provide excellent insect protection – for doors, windows,  multi-panel doorways, and large openings– check them out using the links.

What are the insects that bother you? Have you found other solutions to beating the bugs? I’d love to know what you think!