Colonel Mustard did it in the Study with a Revolver!

30+ years as an entrepreneur and it finally dawns on me why I beyond love “doing” business. It’s that mix of strategy, vision, execution and people skills on full throttle that you need almost all the time – especially in today’s ever-changing environment.

(I say almost all the time because I’m a big believer of Sabbath rest. One day a week to re-charge spiritually, mentally, and emotionally – which is another huge, huge secret to my survival.)

clueBusiness kind of reminds of playing Clue, one of our family’s all-time favourite board games. To win this game you need curiosity, smarts, ability to multi-task and read people. Having an analytical mind and a good memory helps too.

And let’s face it, a little luck never hurt either.

Our daughter’s new fiancée almost got kicked out of the house on his first visit because he won the game by relying purely on luck before properly validating his accusation – inching a win one turn ahead of my husband’s guess. Sadly for him, his future father-in-law has a  l o n g  memory.

This year 2017, our company Phantom Screens is blessed to be celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Time to stop and smell the roses and ponder not about what past successful strategies and processes I executed rather reflect on WHO in this big world helped me shape Phantom Screens into what it is today – a vibrant growing business filled with awesome loyal people who ooze servant leadership.

And so I’ve made a list (oh, how I love my lists) of 25 People of Influence who have made an impact not only on me as a business addict, but by default on Phantom Screens.

Some of the people have been a wonderful bed of roses, while others the thorns themselves – but ultimately they all pushed me towards being a stronger person for learning from them.

If you’ve known me a while it’d be fun to hear your guesses who you think might be on my list.

In fact, I’ll tell you what. Let’s make a contest just for fun.

If you guess even one person on my list, I’ll send you a Starbucks coffee as your winning prize. Big stakes, people!

The only disclaimer is once I’ve published the name, your guess for that name won’t count. You’ll have all of 2017 to guess as the list dwindles down as I post about a name every two weeks.

So play and read along but please, please most especially join me in honouring these giants of wisdom who have taken the time, knowingly or unknowingly, to impart their wisdom on this little farm kid throughout my career.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow!