It all started at a roller-skating party. In grade 12.


My first husband, John. He also happens to be the only husband I have ever had.

Thirty years later, two daughters and a soon-to-be son-in-law, our life is rich with blessings. We met through our church’s Young People’s group that met monthly with all the other Young People’s groups in the Fraser Valley.

And to date ourselves, it was at a roller-skating party.  Do those even exist anymore? Anyways, we began dating right away in our grade 12 year of high school and married five years later.


Some people call their husband their best friend. Their lover. Their confidant.

Sure okay, but I would have to say as our relationship has blossomed over the years, so have our careers and our companies.

There is definitely no coincidence in that – it’s like God knew what He was doing when He put us together. Imagine that!

As a person of influence in my life and career, John is not just my husband – he is my professional support network.

You know how if you play any game against someone who is better than you, your game will improve? That’s exactly how I feel influenced by John.

His wisdom, discernment, and grounding strengths have made Phantom Screens and me better.

If I could tell him something this very second I would tell him…

Quit snoring.

I know you think I’m joking, but I’m not as I’m actually composing this blog during a sleepless night thanks to being in a time zone across the

Let me be serious and loving simultaneously. 

There is a pile of reasons I could thank my husband, but since this blog post is about his influence on me, my career and Phantom, what I would want to tell John is simply, “thank you.”

Thank you for letting me be me – even if it was at times different from how you imagined a traditional marriage might look like. For stepping in with the kids when I had to travel for business whether it was making their lunch for school or going on a field trip.

And now being empty-nesters, for feeding my cat when I am not home. I know that goes against every bone in your body.

Thank you for the other million little details you take care of, that have given me the space to be a CEO of a growing company and most importantly a mom.

It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyways, thank you too for your ever-flowing wisdom, and sharing it when asked and not before.

Unless of course my idea is really stupid, then I know you will spew forth your wisdom unsolicited… and nine out of ten times you are right.

But that tenth time I get away with is so sweet.