Brown’s Socialhouse Paired With Phantom Screens Brings Out Notes of Comfort

You’ve made the reservation, you’re dressed to the nines, and the hostess asked, “patio or dining room?”. The air is brisk and the sounds of rain echo throughout the restaurant. ‘Patio? This time of year?’ you think.   

Yes, we can create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere no matter the season. We’re about to blow your mind. 

With Phantom Screens, you can create perfect patio weather, no matter the season, and even make the space more special than the dining room. So, sit back, relax, order your favorite drink and be prepared to be amazed. 

Creating the perfect atmosphere is more than simply attractive furnishings, cozy chairs, and lush landscaping in an outdoor space. It’s outdoor comfort. That’s what Brown Socialhouse did in the Greater Vancouver area, where customers can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere, good food, and drinks while being comfortable in an inviting space.  

Celebrate any occasion, any time of the year with Phantom Screens. These screens can make your outdoor patio usable year-round, so you’re always maximizing the number of seats or tables available. Not only do the screens provide that much-needed barrier against the weather while controlling the temperature for a more comfortable outdoor dining experience, but they also provide UV protection for both your furniture and your customers.  The opportunities are limitless with what you can do to create the perfect space.  

If your patio is on a mountain top, beachside, or amongst beautiful architecture, Phantom Screens will never obstruct your customer’s views.  

Want to enjoy take-out or delivery? Don’t let the good vibes end there. Phantom Screens can help you create the perfect patio experience at home! Take the restaurant experience and enjoy it with the intimate experience of home. Whether it’s a game night with friends or a date night for two, you’ll feel comfortable relaxing outdoors.  Lower the screens for a bug free night, solar protection on summer days and added privacy.  

About Phantom Screens

Since 1992, the Abbotsford-based award-winning manufacturer of high-quality retractable screens has been recognized for its market leading solutions, through its large network of Authorized Distributors.  

Phantom Screens guarantees the best solution for your dining and entertainment venue, while providing superior customer service throughout the process. Local installation and maintenance service is as easy as a phone call away.  

Phantom’s innovative motorized screens blend seamlessly with the architectural design and décor of the restaurant and easily retract out of sight when not in use. Contact your local Phantom Screens to learn how your restaurant’s patio can greatly benefit from our retractable screens.