Bigger Living, Bigger Comfort: Expanding Your Home’s Footprint

Boost your living space without diving into a massive home makeover. Your backyard, especially your patio, is a hidden gem and bursting with opportunities. It’s the perfect place for utilizing every square inch of living space. Level up your space so your patio turns into a cozy, year-round hangout spot.

Phantom Screens partnered with the Southern Living Idea House 2023 to help extend its luxury living to the outdoors. Phantom Screens retractable motorized screens let the homeowners soak in the fresh air and natural light on their patio without annoying bugs, leaves, or harsh sun messing up their relaxation time. When the homeowners need extra protection, they can roll them down and back up again with the touch of a button on a handheld remote, a phone, or a smart device. No hassle, no matter what the weather throws at them. 

Southern Living Idea House 2023 with Phantom Screens

Photo Credit: Phantom Screens/Element 8 Studios

Just like the Southern Living House, each piece can be customized to fit your patio’s size, shape, and style. Motorized retractable screens are perfect for bigger patios and outdoor hangout spaces. Perfect for creating a comfy, all-purpose outdoor living area. Whether you enjoy your morning coffee, host fantastic dinner gatherings, or simply relax after a tiring day – regardless of the season. Enjoy the comfort of the inside while enjoying the great outdoors. 

If you’re itching to expand your living space without tackling a massive home reno project, think about jazzing up your patio with Phantom Screens. Retractable motorized screens are the real deal for turning your outdoor space into a year-round hangout.

Phantom retractable screens with a Somfy remote

Photo Credit: Phantom Screens/Element 8 Studios

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