Adding an outdoor component to your master bedroom

Double bed in middle of tall brown grass field

A private outdoor oasis off the master bedroom provides the ultimate opportunity for quiet seclusion and relaxation. A private deck or patio with access from the master bedroom is a great spot to enjoy a morning coffee or get lost in a good book. The keys to creating successful outdoor living spaces are location, access and environment. By optimizing these three facets of your secret hideaway, you’re sure to have an optimal space that you can always escape to.


The design of your master bedroom will have a substantial impact on the location of your outdoor space. First floor master bedrooms are ideal for adding a patio with bedroom access. However, bedrooms on higher floors can also enjoy an outdoor space with a deck or balcony. These elevated spaces are great for enjoying your home’s view, making them ideally suited to beach houses and mountain homes.

The interior layout should be carefully considered when deciding where to add a deck or patio. The relationship between the bed and the door to the exterior is important. If you are working on a smaller scale, perhaps in an urban setting, sliding doors will maximize the efficient use of space as you do not need to worry about door clearance. However, sliding doors are transparent, so window treatments will be necessary for maintaining the privacy of your bedroom space.


The type of door you choose will be paramount. French doors are popular options, though you must ensure there is enough room for them to swing open. If space is limited inside the room, consider installing doors that swing out. French doors are nice because they are double wide, providing a nice large opening to let in light and fresh air when left open. French doors can be screened with a pair of retractable screens, with the additional benefit that they disappear out of sight when not in use.


To create the sense of a secret garden, consider planting hedges or evergreen trees around your private patio to create a natural screen. Adding a roof or pergola will create a sense of intimacy by covering you from above, while also providing protection against sun and rain. Water features such as a fountain emit a nice white noise that can screen out the audible stressors of daily life. In addition, trellises offer a privacy screen while also acting as an opportunity for climbing plants without having to build a full wall.

Elevated spaces often enjoy a natural privacy by being above the eye-line. However, many feel as though they are “out on display” without the addition of certain intimate touches. Creating a lush environment is one way of enclosing an elevated space such as a deck or balcony. This involves the inclusion of many large, bushy plants in pots arranged strategically around the space. Tropical plants work great for this as they grow fast and have large, wide leaves. Those who worry the local environment can’t support tropical plants can grow them indoors and move them outside annually during the summer months.

A private deck or patio with bedroom access is a convenient luxury for many homeowners. By including exterior access to the master bedroom, you increase the opportunity to let in light and fresh air from the outdoors and create a more fluid movement between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Be sure to consider the location, access and environment of your new space during your next remodel.