Throwing a harvest party on your covered patio or deck

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of hosting parties in your outdoor living spaces. Whether you want a formal outdoor sit-down or a casual cocktail hour, a harvest party is the perfect way to fall into the autumn season.

Harvest goodness

A harvest party centers around the idea that a bounty of delicious foods are finally ready to be eaten after a summer of work and waiting. Your menu should center on fall favorites like squash, beets, carrots, apples, eggplant, cranberries and much, much more. Buy local seasonal produce or pull it straight from your garden. Farmers markets are sure to have unique and inspiring produce for your party.


Apple cider is a classic beverage for fall. Serve it hot, chilled or both with the option of adding a cinnamon stick. Serve it in a mason jar to keep with a rustic design scheme. To fit wine bottles in with the decor, wrap them with burlap or adorn with twine bows. If you’re going more for a harvest cocktail party, find drink recipes that embrace fall flavors. A pumpkin spice martini or apple daiquiri could do the trick.


Bring the harvest into your design with the use of natural elements such as pine cones and twigs. Centerpieces can feature pumpkins and corn of all shapes and colors. Use burlap as a table runner or chair adornment. This rustic fabric is the perfect color and feel for a harvest celebration.
If you want to combine food with ornaments, find a good-sized branch to place in the center of a long table. Carve out holes down the length of it in equal spacing. Next, place an apple in each divot. Surround the log with either real or silk fall leaves and place tall candles next to it. You’ll have a centerpiece that is autumnal and one that displays the food you’ve come to eat. Guests can each take an apple home or eat after dinner.

Indoor outdoor

Have some of your decoration spill from the confines of the covered portion of your patio or deck. As harvest is all about the earth, sharing the celebration space with your yard will be entirely appropriate. You can hang lanterns or rope lights from the ceiling and drape them off decorative poles into the garden area. Late at night, this will make your outdoor living area an inviting, intimate space that guests can disperse into.
Because you’ll have a wide array of delectable foods at your harvest party, you’ll probably want to display your spread on a buffet table. However, even during the autumn months, bugs and pests are known for their attraction to food. Place your buffet table in a space enclosed by Phantom’s retractable screens.
Retractable screens provide the bug protection you need without disrupting from the flow of your party. If you place your buffet indoors, guests will have to maneuver through doorways and throughout your home in order to fill up their plates. By keeping your spread on an enclosed porch, you’ll minimize congestion while keeping your goods safe from critters.

When all the work is done, the food is eaten and the night dies down, you and your guests are sure to have had a great fall harvest party.