Lighting your outdoor living space

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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Lighting your outdoor living space is essential for entertaining and enjoying your patio after the sun goes down. Set the mood with dramatic lighting or play into the simplicity of your space with delicate strands of illumination. If your patio is a go-to spot for relaxation, deck lighting will provide a welcoming aesthetic to your space while keeping accidents because of low visibility to a minimum at the same time. Designing your lighting around your space can sometimes be tricky, but don’t let it stop you from creating the patio of your dreams. Follow these tips below to blend your indoor and outdoor space together, creating a beautiful place to enjoy your summer.

Make lighting your centerpiece

Install lighting that makes a statement and you’re bound to have a conversation starter at your next outdoor gathering. From chandeliers to lanterns, there are plenty of ways to accent your space. A bright, bold light will work well with muted colors and fabrics, creating a sense of romance and simplicity. If your architecture is more traditional, go for a lantern style. This will be in line with your indoor decor, allowing both spaces to blend effortlessly. Additionally, if you want to make the most of your outdoor space, consider Phantom’s retractable screens. These screens are designed to keep the bugs out and let fresh air in so that you can enjoy the outdoors whenever you want.

Save energy

If you have a smaller patio and want to brighten it up without spending a fortune on installation, candles can be a perfect way to illuminate without compromising your energy bill. Line them along the perimeter of your deck, or set them on patio tables to create a beautiful scene at the next dinner party. If you want to protect your candles from blowing out with the wind, purchase hurricane candle holders to keep your lighting safe through gusts of wind. Just make sure you remember to put the candles out each night to avoid unintentional fires!

Get festive

Throwing a themed party or just want to liven up your outdoor living area? String lights are a snap to hang and can give your patio an extra bit of color. Weave them in and out of your garden area, string them above the dining area or wrap them around a tree for easy assembly. This will set the mood for a fun pool party, barbecue or birthday celebration. If you want to blend the indoors and outdoors at your party, Phantom’s retractable screens can allow you to enjoy the celebration from indoors without bugs or UV rays.

Create ventilation

If you have an outdoor kitchen area, circulating air and getting the correct amount of lighting is necessary for creating meals and serving drinks outdoors. To meet the needs of both light and air with a single installation, then consider getting a ceiling fan. This will help to prevent smoke from bothering your guests.

Landscape lighting

Show off your garden by illuminating your landscape. Whether you want your landscape lighting to reflect the design of your space, create an illuminated walkway or provide safety, there are plenty of different fixtures that will serve your purpose. Landscape lighting can be installed into the ground, which creates less installation work for you while still providing light to your home.