Customizing your retractable screen

Phantom Screens / June 27, 2016

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If you’re looking into retractable screen systems by Phantom Screens, it’s good to know that you have options. Your screen can fill whatever needs your home or your family has to increase privacy, decrease energy costs with UV protection and to make the most of your outdoor living spaces.

Seamless blending

When you choose a retractable screen by Phantom, you have a list of options to be sure your screen blends with the design of your home. For wooden windows or doors, you can choose between seven wood veneer finishes to ensure a natural look. The veneers are also stainable, so if the exact shade of your wood is not available, you can still match the screen’s housing to your door or window frame.
Phantom Screens’ products can be fitted to almost all window and door types. Casement, single and double hung, sliding and tilt-and-turn windows can all be fitted with a perfectly sized screen. This way, the screens blend so well you will hardly notice them.
Screens also retract completely out of sight when not in use. When you want the sun to peer into your home, the windows will look as if a fixture was never there. The mountings are designed to appear as part of the natural window frame as well, so there will be no bulky casing. Your windows will maintain a full view of the outdoors, just as they were meant to do. No matter what your window or door type, by working with Phantom Screens, your custom design will blend perfectly in with your home’s existing facade.

Mesh features

Phantom’s screens have a number of available mesh options to meet your needs. You will have complete control over your home’s privacy, UV exposure and color.
Insect: If you need your screen to protect your patio or veranda from bugs, this is the mesh option for you. Enjoy your outdoor living spaces to the fullest by ensuring that bugs won’t be joining you. This mesh delivers great visibility so that while your screen is down, you can still enjoy the view. It also allows for ventilation and UV protection.
Solar: If your patio or windows get large amounts of sunlight, you may want to consider solar mesh. This option reduces 75 percent of heat and glare from the sun. Your home will remain cool and you will never have to worry about furniture or art fading from sunlight exposure. You may also choose to upgrade to premium solar mesh. This custom option blocks 80 percent of UV rays while maintaining outward visibility.
Privacy: If your main concern is what your neighbors can see, privacy mesh is your best option. This mesh is woven tighter to block up to 90 percent of UV rays and keep wandering eyes from seeing in. With many color options to choose from, privacy mesh is sure to blend into your home’s design.

Motorized Retractable Screens – Control

Not only does the customization process allow you to choose wood and mesh to suit your home, but you also have a number of ways to control your retractable screen systems. Between motorization and sensors, your screens are sure to fit your needs.

  • Motorization: Motorized retractable screens come with wall-mounted controls and a remote. With multiple channels, the system allows for several functions. Screens can also be connected into your existing home automation system for ease and convenience.
  • Sensors: Sensors react to the environment to ensure your home is cool even when you are not there to do it. Sun sensors monitor the amount of UV light present and descend automatically to reduce energy costs and maximize efficiency. Wind sensors retract the screen to prevent damage on stormy days.

With Phantom Screens, you have no shortage of ways to customize your retractable screen systems and add comfort to your life.

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