Creating outdoor rooms within your garden

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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Your yard is an extension of your home. Outdoor living spaces should feel just as comfortable as the inside of your house. Blur the lines between outdoor and indoor with some planning. One way to transform your yard into a continuation of your living area is by creating rooms within your garden. When you are done, you’ll move from the house, to a three-season room to the garden in a subtle and smooth transition.


Decide how much space you want to devote to each section of your garden. A large lawn can feature outdoor seating areas, a deck and green space, for example. An existing porch, veranda or sunroom will be a great focal point of your garden. As they can be a fairly large structure, you’ll want to plan your yard around the deck structure. How will the porch lead into the garden? Where will you spend most of your time? What is the purpose of the space? Answer these questions as a guide to plan your outdoor rooms.

Choose a style

If you want your outdoor living spaces to blend with one another, choose one style or theme for the garden and stick with it. You may imagine an English tea garden where you’ll sit and enjoy the view. You may see a serene landscape that promotes rest and relaxation. Whatever you choose, your deck or covered porch should fit the theme in order to have a seamless transition from outdoors to indoors.


When deciding what to plant in your garden, consider employing a variety of textures. Tall grasses, trees and shrubs vary in height and appear tactile. Add flowers and you’ll have an interesting and stunning array of plants to look at and enjoy.
Arrange your plants around your deck to obscure the boundary between porch and garden. Choose plants that will look nice around the border of your deck and are of varying heights. Bring some green into your three-season room with container gardening. This will further obscure the line between the outdoors and indoors.

Outdoor rooms

A covered porch is a great way to transition from the home to outdoor living spaces. Transform the deck by adding retractable screens. When you want to feel like you’re indoors while still experiencing natural ventilation, you can sit under your veranda. If you prefer to have a climate-controlled room, then our clear vinyl walls are perfect for the job. Phantom Screens can outfit any large opening with retractable screens that will keep out bugs, increase privacy, regulate the amount of ultraviolet rays getting into the space and much more!
Section off areas of your garden for different purposes. For example, your screened-in porch can become an outdoor kitchen. By placing the kitchen within the boundaries of retractable screens, you’ll ensure bugs don’t get at all the delicious food you’ll be cooking. This area is certain to become a favorite for entertaining. Eat under the protection of retractable screens, then explore your garden with your guests.
Pick a secluded area of the garden for a getaway spot. Add tall plants around a simple stone deck to give yourself privacy. This space will be perfect for reading quietly or enjoying nature without distraction.

Edible gardening

Imagine plucking produce from your garden to cook immediately in your outdoor kitchen. By choosing edible landscaping, in which you plant a garden of produce and herbs, you’ll add ease to your cooking. Your ingredients will be right at your fingertips and as fresh as they can be. Not only is edible landscaping sustainable, but it doesn’t require too much extra work. Investigate the aesthetics of certain vegetables and pair them with plants that will look nice together.