Our signature door screens now with a captured edge option.

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The Benefits

First in the industry, we have pioneered a new mesh retention system for our retractable door screens.

The solution sets a new standard for screen doors by adding an additional layer of protection through securing the mesh in the top and bottom tracks.

Added protection

If you have an exposed door screen that is subject to wind, pets, or pests, our Mesh Lock option is the perfect choice for you. This new feature prevents blowouts, small pets from escaping and unwanted pests from entering.

Zipper technology

For extra durability, we use a zipper made with high-performance resins and two rows of plastic teeth to interlock the mesh material and keep it in place the zippers are extremely strong and durable.

Reinforced mesh corners

Providing added stability and long-term durability, reinforced mesh corners will extend the life of your screen.

Screen Options

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So if you’re looking for an added measure of protection and peace of mind, Phantom’s Mesh Lock is the perfect choice. So zip it!¬†

Easy operation

Phantom's door screens with the MeshLock feature have an integrated quick-release thumb latch in the handle - making it easy to use, quiet to operate and secure from unintended openings.

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A single screen can cover openings up to 48 inches wide and 96 inches high and fits all door types including in-swing, out-swing, double-French and sliding doors

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“Great product. This is our second home in which we installed screens. Enjoyed them in our former home. Performance is awesome, maintenance is easy and they look good. Installation was quick and clean.” David & Joan Dalton
“Organized, prompt and friendly! Phantom has excellent service and follow up. The process of purchasing was so simple and we are so happy with our purchase. I highly recommend using Phantom!” Kristine
“We love our phantom screen doors. Quality product professional installation. I would highly recommend phantom screens. Great product. The distributor was professional and installed our screens within a couple of hours. Provided us with care instructions and warranty info. Love these screen doors, they are sleek and slide open with ease.” Donna Bullough

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