Kick-start fall in your outdoor kitchen

Autumn is a great time of the year to try your hand at some cold weather-inspired grilling. From smoking delicious cuts of meat to whipping up meals with seasonal fruits and vegetables, your outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to close for the season. Here are a few ideas so you can get the grill going and serve up some phenomenal cuisine.


Pork is an ideal fall meat because it perfectly pairs with some of the season’s best fruits and vegetables. This time of the year is prime for apples, and the two go hand in hand perfectly. However, you’ll still want to spice it up before preparing it on the grill. Marinate with either chili powder, cumin or paprika to give it a little kick. However, if you’re going for sweet and savory, try pork chops with apples and onions. Marinate the chops with some salt and pepper, butter and one cup of beer or white wine. Give each side of the pork a bit of char and garnish with sautéed apples and onions. If you want to get really crafty, apple-stuffed pork tenderloin is sure to please a crowd. Make sure you have kitchen twine to wrap up the cut of meat so all the juices stay inside!

Grilled veggies

Comforting vegetables like zucchini and squash are now in season! These fall favorites are ready for you to capture the best of colors and flavors. Simply chop up the squash of your choice and season with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary. When ready, toss everything together in aluminum foil to go on the heated grill. If you have a side burner, however, then you can simply sauté them while you’re cooking the meat on your grill to get dinner moving faster.


Deep-frying a turkey is popular, but what about grilling your bird? You can easily grill a whole turkey so the outside is nice and crisp and the inside is extremely juicy. In order for the bird to stand straight up inside of the grill, you can use a device that will catch all the grease while also holding it upright. If you want to give your turkey an extra kick, stuff the bottom with an opened, full beer can. The moisture from the beer will give the turkey a delicious flavor, and you can even get really seasonal by using pumpkin beer.


Burgers are a staple for the grill. However, this mainstay can be spun to include the best of the fall season. When you have guests over for the next big game, a variety of burgers is a fun and easy way to please everyone’s taste buds. Grill each patty accordingly, and then top them with goat cheese, arugula and lightly grilled tomatoes. If you like your greens, throw in some spinach, sprouts and avocado, too! These dreamy burgers will go wonderfully with a side of caramelized pears or homemade applesauce. Add each burger to a grilled brioche bun and your guests will never feel unsatisfied.
Why not end the night with some sweet s’mores over the fire? Although this tasty dessert tends to be more synonymous with summer, you can make it a bit more autumn-inspired by using caramel or peanut butter instead of chocolate. Yum!