Keeping in the Heat for Cold Climate Homes

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The winter months can be rough when dealing with freezing temperatures and snowstorms, but with some help, you can ensure that your home stays toasty warm when the temperature drops below freezing.

Passively Heat Your House

If you’re building your home from the ground up or making major renovations to your home, it’s a good idea to think about passive heating. Passive heating means that you’re strategic about where you place your windows within your room which changes depending on the room. For example, in a living room, you’d want more south-facing windows for more heating and light, whereas a bedroom could handle north-facing windows. 

Passive homes need control or features that allow you to change the amount of sunlight entering your home. Retractable window screens are a great, easy solution to controlling the light entering your home. 

Use Airtight Construction

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Passive heating doesn’t work unless all your windows and doors can shut completely airtight. Nobody wants a drafty space where cool or hot air could seep in. No matter if your climate is hot or cold, double-paned windows are a great solution to maintaining inside temperatures. We don’t want our heaters and air conditioners doing more work than they need to be doing.

Have a Steep Roof

You don’t need to do the hard work when you have gravity on your side. Steep roofs help snow slide off better than any other roof style. Sloping roofs help decrease the chance of snow damage to your home, so be sure your home can handle the heavy loads of snow that comes with cold climates.

Cover the Entrances

We all know that entrances and exits are important, so whether greeting guests, going out for groceries or getting out in case of an emergency, having a covered overdoor space will help you and your home against the elements. Covered outdoor spaces will also help prevent snow build-up near and up against your home. 

If you’re tired of clearing your paths with an old-school shovel, snow melting systems such as radiant heat systems are also a great solution for having a clear entrance and exit. The snow melting systems use cables or mats installed under your sidewalks or driveways and produce heat to melt falling snow. You’ll have a safe path without slipping and falling and easy access to your vehicle or street.

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Install Railings Outside

Ice and snow can become dangerous quickly and if you or your family struggle with climbing stairs or poor weather conditions, placing handrails along may be a great aid to anyone who struggles. Placing the handrails along walkways and stairs can help stabilize the walker and assist them when walking. Want to show off your back garden? Remember to place handrails on the stairs in the backyard or sides of the house too.

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