Five myths about being a CEO

Over the years I’ve realized that having the job title CEO brings all kinds of expectations with it.

I’ve also realized that I pretty much don’t match up with any of them.

Perhaps it’s the rebel in me, but I actually quite like shattering people’s illusions about what a CEO should be.

So to prove my point I’ve created this list of the five biggest myths about being a CEO.

1.  CEOs don’t care


CEOs have a bad rap when it comes to caring about people. Our reputation is that we sit in our big, glass corner offices (actually I do, but that aside…) and bark instructions or issue orders. And we don’t really give a rip about the people who work for us or our customers or the folks we come into contact with.

I’m sorry, but this is just plain wrong. People matter.

I care deeply about them and making people’s lives better and that’s the whole reason for Phantom Screens’ existence. We put people at the heart of our organization and that’s why I love my job so much.

So pfftt to people thinking that CEOs don’t care.

Some have made huge differences in the world and I am happy to stand with them. We can all make a difference.

2.  CEOs have no fun

Well, obviously this isn’t true.

Besides having the joy of playing practical jokes and generally annoying people in a variety of amusing ways in all but the most serious meetings, I do have a huge amount of fun.

Take the restoration of my home in Alabama for example. I’ve had more fun doing that than I dreamed possible. I mean is there anything funner (yes, that’s a word) than getting a 1906 home – without air conditioning I might add – ready for painting in 100 degree heat?

Nope. It was a week of joy. And you’ll be able to see it in my latest webisode which launches next week.

3.  Every CEO has a smartphone

No. Not even close. I can’t stand them.  I don’t want one.

I love my pink phone. And no-one will be able to take it from me. Like ever.

4.  All CEOs are old, fat and bald

Really? Do we need go there? Of course it’s not true.

Now, I’m not saying I’m the CEO equivalent of Cindy Crawford. Far from it.

But just because Donald Trump has unforgivable hair (yes, I said it) and a dubious sense of taste doesn’t mean we are all cut from the same cloth.

Heck, I’m 50, wear Converse Chucks and denim jackets, have a good (sometimes overwhelming) head of hair and wouldn’t call myself fat.

And while we’re on the subject neither would Marissa Mayer, Mary Barra or Meg Whitman.

So enough of the stereotypes folks. Let’s move on.

5.  CEOs never get their hands dirty

What a load of garbage. Of course they do.

Let’s examine the evidence: I grew up on a farm. Yup, zero dirt there right? I’m a passionate gardener. Again, absolutely no dirt there either.

And here’s the final proof. I have video documentary evidence of me getting my hands dirty at my house in Mobile, Alabama. Right up to my elbows in sandpaper, scraping tools, neutralizing solution and old paint.

But you’re going to have to be a little bit patient to see it. My next webisode launches on Wednesday at So make sure you come back and check it out!

Have you got a CEO myth you’d like me to bust? Got a question you’ve always wanted to ask a CEO? Let me know in the comments below.