Curb Appeal: easy home value booster

Boost your home’s value

Whether you want to be the envy of your neighbors, or are selling and want to boost your home’s value- adding curb appeal is the answer! Here are some ways in which your house can easily become a head-turner.

1. Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is everywhere right now, and is right on trend. Not only does it highlight the best features of your home’s exterior, but adds an extra element of security. Light is important to all designers, but shouldn’t be left for just the interior! Get creative with the lighting- string strands around trees or make a romantic path. Outdoor lighting can often be the “It” factor that gets your home sold.


2. Siding and trim

Updating your home’s siding and trim is probably the most obvious answer for increasing curb appeal. If this is out of the question for you there are a few other things you can do that have a similar effect. If you can’t replace the siding, try painting it! There are many products which can be done yourself without the help of a professional. Too risky for you? Paint your door! A fresh new door color with updated hardware can take years off of the look of your home. Try a trendy color like bright red, a sophisticated black, or stay with a neutral gray or white for a clean, timeless appeal. PS: don’t underestimate the power of a good pressure washing!


3. Landscaping

Landscaping, landscaping, landscaping. Trim foliage and bushes, surround plants with dark bark mulch, and give garden beds a crisp edge. Leafy foliage and colorful flowers will refresh the entire look of your home together with a healthy lawn. Of course, you’ll also have to mow often and remove all weeds and cow grass!


4. Stone accents

Any upgrades will pay for themselves if you are selling. Try adding stone accents to columns or foot paths. Although they can be pricey, if used as an accent they are worth the money spent to give your home that luxury look. Also, adding retractable screens to doors or patios will bring your home to the next level, and it will really stand out for home buyers! A Phantom Screen in your home will add beauty and class, and will ultimately make your home easier to sell!