Your guide to choosing patio furniture

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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With all the different types of patio furniture out there, it’s sometimes hard to choose the best style for your space. However, there are many important factors, including color, style, materials and durability, to take into account when choosing your furniture. Depending on the size of your space and how much exposure from the sun you get in your outdoor space, there are certain types of decor that would work better than others. Keeping these things in mind, take a look at our tips for getting the best patio seating, and enjoy lounging in your new pieces!

Consider the best material for you

Budget, style and usability come into play when picking the best seating options. If you want to save money, plastic or resin furniture is your best option. This type of furniture is lightweight, inexpensive and can be washed easily with soap and water. When it comes time for storing your summer furniture, plastic pieces can often be stacked away without a problem. Plastic and resin seating areas come in a variety of colors and styles, so don’t be afraid to brighten up your space with colorful items!

If durability is your most sought-after quality, go for patio furniture made of steel or wrought iron. Both of these styles are available in many different designs and are heavier than plastic and resin. This style is great for areas that experience different seasons or unpredictable weather. To keep these items in tip-top shape, apply rust protection and wash them down frequently with soap and water. Wrought iron can be painted if desired.

Maintaining furniture can be a drag, so if you’re looking for furniture that doesn’t require much upkeep, try aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight, doesn’t rust and can last through the seasons without fading. Best of all, aluminum furniture can be easily stacked and moved around, which is perfect if you frequently entertain on the patio. Aluminum items are typically made with strap seating, which provides a bit of extra comfort.

For a sleek and stylish look, wood is a great option. There are many different styles to choose from, including teak, natural cedar, Australian jarrah and wicker. All of these offer different features that may go well with the design of your space. Teak and jarrah are more expensive types of furniture, but they last a long time and have a very unique look. The natural color of these items can be maintained easily, and both will last up to 50 years. For a less durable, but more comfortable seating option, choose wicker. This product is best for areas that do not have direct sunlight or exposure to the elements, as wicker can fall apart easily. Wicker can come in a variety of different colors and shapes to match the architectural style of your home.

Prevent damage

Once you’ve selected which type of seating option for your outdoor living area, it’s important to maintain their quality as long as possible. Consider screening in your porch or patio by getting Phantom’s retractable screens installed to reduce damage or fading from the sun’s UV rays. See our Executive motorized screens for more information.

Purchasing patio furniture on wheels or items that can be folded are great options for storage and keeping your items from sustaining sun and wind damage. During harsh weather, just wheel your items out of site and into a sheltered area. This way, you can enjoy your furniture for a longer period of time without having to replace it.