Which type of porch suits your personal style?

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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Not all porches are created equal: Some are made specifically for entertaining guests, while others are meant for enjoying the great outdoors in solitude and privacy. Because each type of porch has a different purpose, it makes sense that they run the gamut in terms of decor style.

Front porch

A front porch is the most traditional variation, and is commonly found in historic neighborhoods or vintage-inspired homes. Front porches are popular with homeowners who want to create a very welcoming environment for guests. It’s often the first thing that someone sees arriving at the home, and sets the tone for the rest of the house.

Tips for enhancing your front porch

Dress up your door: An easy way for guests to identify your house is to make your front door the focal point of your exterior design. Give your door a blast of color with paint or by installing a custom wood door. You should clean off any dirty spots around the knob and use polish on the door fixtures on a regular basis. When choosing the color, keep in mind that it should reflect the home’s interior, so choose a color that expresses your home’s style.
Keep clutter at bay: You don’t want plants, flowers or bushes overgrowing onto the front porch and blocking the beautiful view of the front of your home. Front porches contribute significantly to curb appeal, so maintain proper lawn care and make sure every last shrub is properly trimmed to allow for the best views of your front porch.

Back porch

A back porch often offers more flexibility than a front porch. It can be an extension of your home, a place to enjoy natural views or to watch your kids play around in the backyard. Back porches tend to be larger in size and are generally more multi-purpose than front porches. Homeowners often add a cooking area or hot tub to the porch to make it the perfect space for entertaining.

Tips for decorating your back porch

Pay attention to detail: If you wish to create a seamless transition between the interior of your home and the exterior, you must pay attention to the same detailing you would indoors. From the color of the couch cushions to the placement of the coffee table, every little detail can make a big difference.
Include French doors: Another way to create a smooth entrance from the indoors out is to incorporate French doors. They can easily open up the space and allow a breeze to flow throughout the home. Plus you can use retractable screens to keep the insects out!

Screened porch

If you enjoy natural ventilation but want to keep your porch shaded and bug-free, you should consider motorized retractable screens. Depending on where you live, retractable porch screens may allow you to use your deck during much of the year. Some mesh types are tightly woven, allowing for a private porch that’s great for blocking out damaging UV rays and pesky insects. Motorized screen systems make it easy to open up the screens at the touch of a button so you’re in control of how you enjoy the outdoors.

Tips for bettering your screened porch

Get creative with your light fixtures: Lighting in a space is very important – it makes a huge impact on the aesthetic of the area. Hanging lanterns, floor lamps, chandeliers, stringed lights and mason jars are all creative options for any porch design.
Install a fireplace: Having a fireplace in your screened porch allows you to enjoy your outdoor space even during the chillier months. Get together with friends and start up a fire for a warm night with a cool breeze.

Wraparound porch

A wraparound porch gives you and your guests an extended version of the inside of your house. Homeowners often create various zones, including a seating area, a dining area, and a spot to just relax. For example, guests can enjoy the garden, while still being connected to a more formal living or dining room.

Tips for improving your wraparound porch

Ceiling fans: If some areas of the wraparound porch are hidden from a natural breeze, consider a stylish ceiling fan to keep the air circulating.