Using flowers in your home

Phantom Screens / July 8, 2016

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Flowers are a really beautiful and natural way to add a decorative element to your home. But make sure to take some time to create an arrangement that you can be really proud of. And best of all, it can be easy to do and won’t take the services of a professional florist to achieve.

Happy and healthy

Research shows that fresh cut flowers have a really positive effect on your wellbeing – plus they look gorgeous in your home. Did you know, for example, having fresh flowers in your home can increase feelings of compassion for others? And if you’re one of those people who often has worries, then flowers have the ability to calm and decrease feelings of anxiety and sadness. Research also shows people who live with fresh flowers in their home experience less negativity and have lowered hypertension and anxiety.

So there really are a ton of good reasons for bringing fresh flowers into your home. Whether you want to boost energy levels and productivity or become more enthusiastic and happy, fresh cut flowers will really help to make life better!

Keeping flowers fresh for longer

If you look online, you’ll see there are about a million ways to keep your flowers fresh, but there are a few actually tried and tested methods.

  • Clear soda (like 7-Up): put about a quarter of cup into the water in a vase full of cut flowers. The sugar helps the flowers last longer.
  • Apple cider vinegar: mix two tablespoons apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons sugar with the vase water before adding the flowers.
  • Aspirin: Put a crushed aspirin in the water before adding your flowers.
  • Bleach: Fresh cut flowers will last longer if you add 14 teaspoon bleach per quart (1 liter) of vase water.

And of course, there’s some basic ways to keep flowers fresh. Always cut the stems at an angle, never straight across, and change the water every few days. Finally, always keep the flowers away from the heat and glare of the sun. This way you’ll get the very best longevity from your bouquets and blossoms.

Three simple ways for the non-florist

You don’t have to be an expert florist to make fresh flowers in your home look lovely. There are three simple ways that you can incorporate flowers into your home decor to really show them off.

The first is to keep it simple. Rather than buy a mixed bunch of multi-colored flowers, just stick to one type and one color. You can’t beat a simple vase of red tulips or yellow roses to add a great visual pop to your kitchen table.

Secondly, always use an odd number of blooms. It’s a strange fact that the eye is drawn to sets of odd numbers, so use three or five or seven to create a visually satisfying display. It’s easier to balance and the display will look much more professional!

Lastly, don’t be afraid of big displays. A large vase or container of big, blousy hydrangea blossoms looks wonderful as a centerpiece or a display on a hallway table. And if you want it to look really big without spending more, put the display on a table in front of a mirror. You’ll instantly double your display.
Bringing fresh flowers into the home will add drama to your room, bring health benefits and enhance your creativity so why not create a display and appreciate their transient beauty.