Tips for designing your outdoor living spaces

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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Your outdoor living spaces should flow from one area to the next. Moving from your home, to your screened-in deck, to your garden should feel natural. If you’re designing your yard and want to be sure the spaces flow seamlessly together, here are a few tips.


The size of your yard will determine how you lay out your outdoor living spaces. While you want to be able to section areas for different purposes, you don’t want to feel cramped when outside. Before diving in, think of what you’d like to use your yard for. Do you want to host parties on your veranda? Do you imagine gardening in the afternoons? Think of the function you want your space to serve. This will help you plan the flow of traffic. Prioritize the features you want so that if you run out of room, the most important things will make it into the final design of your yard.
If you are planning to build a veranda or covered porch that features retractable screens, you’ll also want to consider the elements. Prevailing wind patterns and sun orientation may affect the design of your three-season room. Fortunately, Phantom Screens offers environmental sensors that pull the screens up in windy conditions and lower them when the sun is strong. This makes planning your outdoor design around the weather much simpler.

Fitting in

The design of your outdoor living spaces should not only complement the architectural style of your home, but also that of the natural landscape. You have unlimited possibilities of materials and colors you can use to bring all the elements together. Choose wood used on your home to build your deck. Plan landscaping elements to flow with the contours of your yard. A sloping landscape could create natural flow from your porch down to a private garden deck. A level yard can be sectioned off by garden elements.
Retractable screens are designed to fit seamlessly into the existing architecture of your home. They are completely out of sight when not in use, and allow natural ventilation throughout your outdoor living spaces. When you’re enjoying your newly designed yard space, you can also close the screens to let in fresh air but maintain privacy.


Your outdoor living spaces should be convenient. If you plan on entertaining, you’ll want access to a kitchen. That could mean building your veranda or covered porch against that part of your home. You can also design the deck to feature an outdoor kitchen. This way, you won’t have to go back and forth while hosting a party and miss out on conversing with your guests. You will also want to keep power and water sources in mind. You may want to add lighting to your outdoor living spaces, but you’ll have to be sure you have access to an outlet. Solar power lighting is also an option.
Sheltered spaces are convenient for the times when the weather isn’t on your side. Build a covered porch for those rainy days when you still want to be outdoors. Add an outdoor fireplace and retractable screens and your deck will be both functional and cozy. With some great outdoor furniture and intimate lighting, the space will be perfect for small get-togethers or can be used as a private area for guests to escape to during a larger party.


Hiring a contractor will pull all your ideas into one cohesive unit. Contractors understand how to make elements work together and are willing to give their opinions. They will work with your budget and ideas to come up with the most spatially appealing design for your outdoor living spaces. Be sure to shop around to find the right contractor for you.