Tips for cleaning and organizing your patio

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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Keep an organized patio so your outdoor living space is always clean and prepped for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. If your patio is covered in dust and dirt from the winter season, or if your plants are overgrown, it’s time to do a clean sweep to make your space looks as good as new. Consider updating your home’s screening while you’re at it. Phantom’s retractable screens blend into the design and decor of your home, providing a sophisticated look giving you stylish results. And best of all, they can be custom made for your home.

While organizing and cleaning is not the most enjoyable task, you’ll feel great when the work is done. People will envy your space, and a backyard that’s well taken care of can potentially increase the value of your home. Take a look at some of our hints for updating your patio, leaving the finished result organized and ready for a summer of fun!

Get creative with storage

Storing patio items out of sight can be a daunting task, but there are ways to blend storage items with your decor and furniture. A stylish storage bench or ottoman is one of the easiest ways to store extra towels, candles and blankets for chilly nights outdoors. Plus, they can be used as an extra seating area and can be tailored to the design of your patio. Built-in storage is also a great option, especially if you have a pool. Make your outdoor storage blend in with the rest of your home’s architecture by choosing door material and knobs that fit your home’s aesthetic.

Disguise kitchen storage within your d├ęcor

Kitchen storage is essential for outdoor entertaining and, if you have kitchen appliances on your patio, it’s important to have lots of options for storing utensils, napkins and flatware. Drawers and compartments are essential for keeping everything in its place. Opt for stainless steel appliances for a modern, weatherproof look or consider using stone or distressed wood to blend in with the rest of your decor. Make sure that all appliances and storage items are protected from wind or other elements.

Clean your home’s exterior

Giving your outdoor area a clean sweep will make your home look like new. It’s best to start from the top, (the roof and windows), and work your way down to the patio floor. Using a pressure sprayer or scrubber can be helpful for removing dirt from the side of your home and getting rid of dust and debris in hard-to-reach places. Stock up on all-purpose cleaner for wiping down windows, tables and other appliances. Next, sweep your patio floor and remove any plant overgrowth. If your patio floor is made of stone, you may want to give it a good scrub to make sure that dust and dirt is removed. Finally, vacuum any fabric pillows or seating that you may have.

Blend indoor and outdoor space

If you want your covered patio to be an extension of your indoor living space, enclosing it with screens is a great way to blend the indoors and outdoors. Retractable screens by Phantom help keep the bugs out and can be customized to match the look of your space. If you decide to enclose your patio, then consider Phantom Executive motorized screens which retract vertically and are perfect for larger spaces. Phantom’s retractable screens can match to your design and decor and, ultimately, make your home look clean, organized and well-maintained.