Tips for a stunning pool house

Phantom Screens / August 3, 2016

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A pool house presents a unique design opportunity. From cabana-style open air rooms to completely enclosed mini guesthouses, you can make yours truly unique. With so many options, it can seem difficult to choose the kind of pool house you want in your backyard. Here are some of the main design choices you are going to have to make.

Seasonal or year-round?

Where you live determines the usage restrictions of your pool and, by extension, pool house. People who live in areas that are warm all year round are going to want to build a pool house that capitalizes on the beautiful weather. Conversely, in areas where pool use is seasonal, you’ll have to decide how to incorporate that into their design. Many choose to build a pool house that doubles as a guest house. These completely enclosed structures often include a large living space with a kitchenette, bathroom and either a lofted bed space or a small bedroom. During the summer months the living area can be used as a lounge space. Consider installing large windows or French doors (with retractable screens, of course!) that can be opened to encourage natural ventilation. Add a heating element and the guest house can be used to house visitors during the winter holidays.


As an outdoor living space, a pool house is more amenable to being designed around a theme. A Moroccan themed cabana with flowing fabric curtains, hanging lanterns and an appropriate color palette can create a warm, tent-like feel. Proximity to a water feature may inspire a nautical theme in your design. Grays and blues along with dark wood accents lend a seafaring aspect to your pool house interior. Embrace a tiki-hut aesthetic without being too tacky by using wicker furniture and including a tropical plant or two.

Mirror your home

While you are free to design your pool house interior around a theme, the exterior architecture should mirror your main house. Incorporate the lines and styles of your house in order to create cohesion between all parts of your property. In addition to matching the architecture, mirroring the amenities of your main home will keep happy pool-goers from tracking water where you don’t want it. A refrigerator and pantry for drinks and snacks as well as a place for fresh towels provide the kind of convenience that makes a pool house ideal.

The more seating the better

Use your pool house as a kind of outdoor room and include a large amount of comfortable seating for poolside lounging. Sturdy, all-weather outdoor couches and loveseats offer supreme comfort and are built to withstand the forces of nature. An enclosed pool house offers even more opportunities for including creature comforts such as daybeds that don’t have to be weather-proof.

Don’t forget storage

While you may be tempted to overload your pool house with all kinds of neat features, don’t forget to also include ample storage space. A place to keep pool toys and floats organized and out of the way is an invaluable asset that greatly simplifies pool ownership. Proper chemical storage for pool maintenance supplies will also help keep your home safe.

A pool house is a great addition to your backyard pool. Remember to always consult with local building codes to make sure your new structure is properly designed. From there, the sky is the limit when deciding what kind of pool house you want. As always, working with a professional designer will help you translate your ideas into a reality. Remember these tips and you are sure to have a space you love.