Throw the ultimate Halloween party

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party for kids or adults, it’s your chance to break out the big guns and plan the ultimate gathering. From candy treats and costume contests to spooky, scary tunes, your Halloween event could be the talk of the town this year. Follow our tips for a successful event that will have all of your friends begging for a second annual.

Haunted house

Have you ever wanted to create your very own haunted house in your home? If you’ve got our retractable window screens with block out mesh, you can eliminate daylight, for using with black lights. Now you can create the ultimate spooky room with fun lights and haunting noise. Get a small fog machine, disco ball or light machine and people will think they stepped into a real haunted house. Make sure to hang decorations and streamers from the ceiling, some of which could swoop down low to give your guests a fright! Include bats, spiders, spider webs, witches brooms and other spooky characters for all-ages fun.

Outdoor space

Your covered outdoor spaces will be a great extension of your home when people want to get some fresh air during the party. Make sure you don’t forget about decking out this space with fall-themed decor as well. Stacks of hay and pumpkins are a must. You can hang small white sheets from the trees as ghosts, or string purple, green and orange lights around the area for some mood lighting. This is also the perfect place to have a pumpkin carving contest!


Food is the bread and butter (literally) of a party! You must make sure to have caramel apples, apple cider, cake or pie, and buckets of candy. But Halloween isn’t just about sweet treats: you can create a veggie tray with carrots and cucumber. Cut the cucumber, or other similar vegetable, so you can line the pieces to mimic a mouth, eyes and nose, and you’ve got yourself a pumpkin-looking veggie tray!

Games and activities

No party is complete without games. In your outdoor living space, you can create your very own bowling alley with a fall twist. Purchase 10 fall squash and red and white paint or vinyl sticker numbers. Line them up in a “lane,” preferable one that allows players to stand 15 feet away with plenty of room in the vicinity in case of a bad bowl. You can use a pumpkin as the ball, or get a slightly weighted fitness ball to use. Count up how many points each player gets, and award the winner with a Halloween-themed prize.
If you are considering having a pumpkin carving contest, print out design templates that contestants can use on their pumpkins. Also, make sure that you ask guests to bring along carving supplies, or have enough on hand to give everyone. For the little ones, you can have a pumpkin painting contest so kids aren’t handling knives. This is a great way to start the party so you have everyone’s pumpkins as decorations throughout the party.
A bat piñata is another party game that everyone loves! Place it in a large area like the basement or even outdoors and provide guests with a stick to try and break open the candy-filled creature. You can either make a piñata of your own, or purchase one that comes pre-filled with treats. Whatever treats weren’t snagged up quickly, if there are any, can be added to candy bowls throughout the house for your guests to indulge in during the evening.