Throw a garden-warming party

Phantom Screens / August 3, 2016

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Housewarming parties are great for showing off a new home to friends, family and neighbors. Garden-warming parties take the same concept, but with your outdoor living space as the focus. Such parties are fantastic ways to show off any new landscaping or construction you have done in your backyard, or, if nothing else, to celebrate the arrival of spring and the awakening of the plants in your garden. With a few quick tips and tricks, you can ensure that your garden-warming party will be enjoyable for all.

Account for the weather

The best case scenario for any garden party is beautiful weather. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are a few ways to account for the possibility of wind and rain. The first is to prepare your indoor rooms in the event that you will be forced to move the party indoors. Another option is to optimize the indoor/outdoor flow of your home to give guests the opportunity to split their time between the garden and your living room. Open up any sliding or French doors to invite guests to meander in and out. If you would like to keep the party outdoors rain or shine, be sure you have plenty of covered outdoor spaces to escape any rain. Also avoid using paper products such as napkins and plates as they are very susceptible to blowing away in the wind, if there is a breeze.

Embrace color

Nothing says spring like the presence of bright, colorful accents in the garden, be they your blossoming flowers, hanging paper lanterns or accent pillows. Try to match all your colors to one unifying palette in order to avoid any unsightly clashing. Floor-length tablecloths can easily be made from a single piece of colored fabric and add a nice polish to the overall look of the space.

Real is better

Skip the disposable flatware and use real silverware and plates. Doing so will give your get together a sense of class and sophistication, not to mention it is better for the environment. Investing in a nice hand-painted platter or uniquely shaped serving dish to serve as the focal point of your tablescape will provide a visual anchor for guests.

Lighting is key

Utilize multiple light sources for evening parties to add drama and excitement to your outdoor space. The light and warmth of an outdoor fireplace provides heat and warmth while the flicker of candles create a romantic atmosphere. Overhead paper lanterns are nice for a calming glow while portable LED lamps can create the same effect on the ground. Globe string lights add a festive touch to any occasion and are easy to set up and remove.

Don’t be afraid to paint

Sprucing up your outdoor areas with a fresh coat of paint can really liven up a space. You may want to use the opportunity to incorporate a fun color into your deck or patio ceiling. Painting a rug pattern on the floor can define a space and is much easier to clean than a rug.

Utilize your surroundings

Utilize the plants that are growing around you. Fresh cut flowers make for great centerpieces and decorative accents. If you have an edible garden, consider throwing a harvest garden party and share your bounty with your friends and family.

A garden-warming party is a great opportunity to celebrate the beginning of warm weather or the completion of a big outdoor renovation project. These tips will ensure that your gathering doesn’t disappoint. By taking advantage of the appropriate outdoor living designs for your space, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.