The home of the future is here today

Phantom Screens / May 31, 2016

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Thanks to advances in technology, turning your home into a 2016 version of The Jetsons is within reach. You may not have your own Rosie the Robot, but features like temperature, lighting, safety and even retractable screens can all be controlled through your mobile devices.

Decorative options

One of the most enjoyable features of automated home is the ability it gives you to play with your interior and outdoor living spaces. Amenities like motorized retractable screen systems and controlled shading through automated window tinting can be key components of your indoor and outdoor living designs.

You can also use automated technology to control your entertainment systems, whether you’re recording your favorite TV shows from work, setting the ambience for a dinner party or turning on your favorite music to inspire you while you clean the house or work on a project.

Temperature controls

Ambient temperature has been the source of household arguments since the discovery of fire. But with more efficient indoor climate control systems finding their way into homes, and apps for your phone and tablet that make adjusting them as simple as sending a text message, it’s easier than ever to set or change room temperature depending on your mood or the time of day.

Not only do temperature controls add to the comfort of your living spaces, they can also eliminate most of the worry that goes along with keeping your home at an efficient, comfortable level. How many times have you been driving to work, or on your way to the airport for a vacation, when it suddenly dawned on you that you forgot to turn off the air conditioning? With temperature control apps from Nest or SmartHome, that problem is a thing of the past.

Female hands hold a tablet computer with system smart house on a screen on the background of the house

Lighting controls

Energy efficiency has become one of the most important aspects of modern building design in recent years. With so many people looking to make their lives more comfortable while also being environmentally friendly, efficient technologies for the home are among the hottest items on the market.

Lighting is one area of home design that has benefited the most from that awareness, with products like occupancy sensors, automatic dimmers and efficient fluorescent and light-emitting diode bulbs hitting the market at a rapid pace. Those new technologies can save you money on energy bills, make the lighting in your home more comforting and allow you the ability to have greater control over the feel of your environment.

Safety measures

Safety may be the area where automated home design has experienced the biggest improvement in recent years. You can use the aforementioned lighting controls to ward off would be burglars by controlling the appearance of your house when you’re away. You can keep an eye on any security cameras or other devices from almost anywhere in the world. And those nights where you send your significant other out to make sure the doors are locked is no longer necessary now that it can be done from the comfort of your bedroom.

Automated safety devices have also taken the place of old-fashioned baby monitors and other methods you may have used to keep track of your children. Walking around with a cumbersome walkie-talkie-like device strapped to your pants to watch your newborn has been replaced by an app. And those nights of sitting up by the front door waiting for your teenager to get home are no longer necessary now that you can keep an eye on the property while watching TV in bed.
There are countless options for using smart design and automation to make your home cheaper, more energy efficient, more comfortable, safer and more inviting. We may not be living in the time of The Jetsons, with robots that cook and clean and flying cars, but the future is right at your doorstep.