The garage: your new multi-purpose living space

Phantom Screens / May 1, 2015

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We used to consider garage space a dusty, grimy area where the car and extraneous items are kept to accumulate dirt. But over the years, many people’s garages have turned into extensions of the home. Whether it’s where you get to enjoy time with friends and family members on a nice summer afternoon, the area where you work on crafts and home improvement projects, or a dedicated space for working out, your garage probably serves a purpose. Outdoor living spaces like your garage can be used as an indoor space in a variety of ways:

T.V. Room: Converting your garage into a multi-purpose living space with a television and seating area is one of the most popular alternatives. Finish the walls and ceiling areas so that you have lighting and ventilation. Then, add an entertainment system in one corner of the room with whatever equipment you need, such as a stereo system, DVD player and video game consoles. Next, you’ll want to add a thin outdoor rug to warm up the area where you’ll be sitting. Throw in a few comfortable couches and a coffee table, and you have a spacious living area outdoors. This is the perfect retreat for game days or movie nights in the summer.

Fitness Center: If you add a motorized retractable screen, you can open up the garage door to enjoy a gentle outdoor breeze and fresh air. Your garage space is then a great area for fitness equipment. Add an elliptical or treadmill, along with free weights or weight machines. In order to protect the floor of your garage, make sure you use a thick mat underneath the equipment or near areas where you will be lifting weights frequently. Add storage along the walls to keep all of your loose equipment, such as jump ropes, small free weights, a workout mat, kettle bells, exercise balls and more. Your great new space will provide plenty of workout motivation!

Workshop: Garages have long been considered a work area. And while you may have a nice, sealed floor and insulated walls, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little dirty. You can set up a large workspace for whatever your hobby may be, such as painting and refurbishing furniture. Because you will be working with toxic fumes in this scenario, natural ventilation is key. Again Phantom’s retractable screens are perfect for when it comes time to sand, stain and paint an item, but don’t want to close the garage door. They’re also great for keeping the bugs out so they don’t land on your projects.

Game room: If you have a foosball table, pool table, dart board or pinball games, you can create your own little arcade room in your garage space. Instead of being stuck in a cold, dark basement, a garage-turned-game room is open and airy. Add outdoor rugs underneath each table to ensure you don’t scratch or damage the floor, and have a few tables to hold food and drinks.

Transform the garage: So you want to get rid of the garage altogether? While you will likely have to replace the floor due to cracks and slanting, you can really get creative with the rest of the elements. Construct the space to look just like a regular living room indoors, but add a retractable screen so that the room can be completely opened up. This way, you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds.