The best flowers for your patio

Phantom Screens / May 30, 2016

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Flowers bring color, make the air cleaner and add beauty to outdoor living spaces. They may be in your garden, but why not bring your garden onto your patio? Flowers and plants can help to transform your outdoor living space into a colorful sanctuary where both you and your guests will feel right at home. But when it comes to creating a garden on your patio, there are several questions that come into play, like what kinds of blooms should I plant? Where should they go? How do I care for them? Here’s how to create a patio filled with beautiful florals.

Why have flowers on the patio?

Adorning your patio with plenty of flowers and plants has many more benefits than simply looking magnificent. In fact, flowers are good for your mental health. According to a study done by the American Society for Horticultural Science, patients in hospital rooms with flowers and potted plants needed less postoperative pain medication, were less anxious and tired, had lower systolic blood pressure and pulse rates and were generally in a more positive psychological state than those patients with no flowers or plants in their rooms.
Simply smelling the flowers when enjoying the natural view from the patio has been found to boost the mood and decrease anxiety. Some plants and flowers even help filter the air, cleaning it of any unwanted chemicals.

The best flowers for the patio

When it comes to choosing the blooms to display on your patio, there are an overwhelming number of flowers to choose from. One of the things to consider is the climate. If where you live tends to have hot summers, your pretty florals may go from full and beautiful to crispy and wilted. Try these plants that can take the heat even at the height of summer:

  • Agave: It may be short on bold color, but it’s a stunning plant that offers an architectural flair unlike any other. Its thick leaves make it a durable choice for summer. Just make sure to clip off the sharp leaf tips to make them more patio-friendly.
  • Flowering maple: This tropical, bell-shaped bloom comes in yellow, orange, pink or red, making it easy for you to add it into your patio design. They’re super easy to grow in both spring and summer and exist best in medium to bright light, making them a great choice for a sunny patio.
  • Passionflower: This deep purple flower will grow perfectly up your trellis – and the best part is, the bloom attracts butterflies to your serene patio.
  • Pentas: No matter how high the temperature may rise during the summer, this flowering favorite will keep growing. Take your pick between pink, white or red blooms.

Where to display them on the patio

There are plenty of creative ways to display your flowers, whether they’re in pots or sitting on a windowsill. If you want your flowers and plants to be the main attraction of your patio, consider these placement ideas:

  • Dress up your trellis: If you have a trellis adorning a wall on your patio, why not dress it up with a bit of color? Attach pots to the trellis or plant flowers at the bottom so they can grow onto the structure over time.
  • Pot clusters: Odd numbers are always better than one when it comes to flowers! Some patios work better aesthetically with groups of flowers, but make sure you use an odd number – they always look more pleasing to the eye! Arrange potted plants and blooms into a series of small clusters – about five to seven pots. Choose ones that offer varying heights, details and colors, offering a livelier view to both you and your guests.
  • Mix it up: If you’re short on patio space, maximize the area by using the wall and the floor. Use a mix of table pots, wall planters and window boxes which add interest due to their different heights, locations and colors. For your potted plants, feel free to use pots of different sizes and colors have more variety on your patio space.

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