Seven Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

Phantom Screens / May 1, 2015

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Cabinetry can make a major statement in a bathroom and create a focal point that blends practicality with great design. Choosing the right vanity can make or break your bathroom’s design. Here are seven options that can help make your bathroom beautiful.

“Jack and Jill” sinks: many of us have experienced sharing bathroom counter space and having to wait their turn at the sink. Not all bathrooms have space for double vanities because it is important to consider symmetry, space between the sinks, and whether to opt for one or two mirrors before deciding. Shared under-counter storage delivers the extra perk of additional space to keep those clean towels and rolls of toilet paper!

One instead of two: instead of two sinks, consider installing one extra long one with two or even three faucets. Modern options such as custom-poured concrete sinks work really well with contemporary and industrial design themes, while a more traditional double vanity can look updated when paired with contemporary lighting, accessories, and artwork.

Incorporate existing furniture: you can achieve a very custom look by adding a few furniture style details. Detailed feet, cabinets at different heights, or the an antique sideboard to work as a vanity are all options that deliver a custom look and feel to your bathroom. Adding simple pieces of molding to your existing cabinetry creates a result that makes for a unique take on ordinary.

Hardware that stands out: one of the easiest upgrades to freshen your tired looking bathroom vanity is to switch the existing hardware. Choose handles that complement your existing décor and add a bit of extra flair to the design of the room.

Stunning sinks: not an item to be forgotten, sinks can lift the vanity from ordinary to spectacular. Instead of choosing the tried and true white enamel, why not spice things up with a transparent sink with a hint of color? Choose a tone that works with your design scheme and angle your lights so the sink catches the spotlight.

Cabinets from floor to ceiling: a great solution to create extra bathroom storage is to extend the vanity all the way to the ceiling. Adding cabinets to the top of the counter may be just the solution to keep your bathroom looking sleek and clutter-free. Placing a mirror in the top vanity door will also help to make the room seem larger, while keeping the top vanity open will allow for both storage and display of artwork and décor items.

A salon right at home: from hair straighteners and curling irons to gels and sprays, the list of items needed to maintain your “do” can be very long! Most bathroom vanities are not set up to house all these items – one idea to consider is whether a custom-built vanity would solve these storage dilemmas. Creating compartments in one of the larger vanity drawers with the option to connect the needed items to the electrical outlets is an efficient solution that also maintains the vanity design.