Remodeling projects that pay off

Phantom Screens / May 1, 2015

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Unless you’re already living in your dream house, you have probably wondered what the market value of your home is. You may have even considered remodeling projects in the hopes that the worth of your home will increase. Not all of these undertakings are worth the cost, so it’s important that you choose the right ones to spend your time, money and energy on. A general rule to consider is that the jobs you do should make maintenance and living simple. Here are some projects worth their initial cost:

Outdoor living spaces

Adding outdoor living spaces to your home are perfect examples of an upgrade worth making. They add more room to the house and increase the ease of traffic flow. Whether you add a three-season room, a deck or a porch, your investment allows you and future homeowners to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. For a truly outstanding outdoor living space, opt to include retractable screens. You can sit on your porch without being pestered by bugs or worrying about how much ultraviolet light you’ve been soaking up. Retractable screens keep both of those things out of your outdoor living space. They are also completely invisible when not in use, keeping the architectural design of your home in tact. If you already have a deck or porch, retractable screens are a great way to add value to your home without doing a major project.

Replacement windows

New windows instantly give your home a face-lift. They look nice and make your home more energy efficient. Window manufacturers have gotten good at creating fixtures that prevent air leakage and that help keep out ultraviolet rays. Look for windows with the Energy Star seal to purchase the most efficient product available. Future buyers love seeing new windows because it makes their lives more convenient. They will have the benefit of lower energy bills, as will you.

For increased window appeal, add retractable screens. They can be designed to fit any window you have installed and the mesh helps keep out both bugs and ultraviolet light.


You might not think about it on a daily basis, but you spend a decent amount of time in the bathroom. For this reason, it’s a great room to remodel. The best features to include in your remodel are storage, natural light, ceramic tile and a shower. If you have a small bathroom, choose a roomy shower over a tub. Most people don’t have time to soak in a bath so you don’t want to pour money into a feature you won’t use. Many bathrooms don’t have windows or have small ones to maintain privacy. However, it makes for an unpleasant atmosphere. Keep a large window in the bathroom, but add retractable screens. They will give you optimum privacy while still allowing natural light to enter. This way you can enjoy natural ventilation without annoying bugs!

If your home only has one bathroom, rather than remodeling that one, add another. Multiple bathrooms generate appeal in a home as using the washroom or shower becomes more convenient for multiple people. Choose space in the basement if you don’t want to create an entire addition.


The kitchen is another place where you spend a lot of time. Whenever you entertain, do you notice that everyone hovers around the food? A good kitchen encourages people to cook and host parties or gatherings, so focus some of your remodeling there. If you don’t want to redo the whole thing, be smart about the features you upgrade. Cabinets are a big hit as replacements change the entire feel of the room. Naturally stained wood is the most popular look because it’s a classic.