Plants and flowers for your fall garden

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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When you’re transitioning your outdoor living designs from the vibrant colors of summer to the warm hues of fall, don’t forget about the most natural decorations: plants. In order to turn your outdoor space in the ultimate autumn retreat, include these stunning flowers in your garden so they bloom just in time for the chilly weather to settle.


Blue, pink, white and purple flowers may seem more appropriate for the dead of the summer, but the New England aster blooms in the perfect timing for the fall season. Aster flowers can be petite or grow up to six feet tall! These daisy-like flowers bloom between late-summer and fall, and they require full to partial sun.

Burning bush

Imagine a beautiful plant with red leaves to give your outdoor living space a vibrant glow. Burning bush plants are one of the most popular landscaping shrubs, and are among the first to change color during the fall season. The leaves turn a brilliant hue of red before the leaves fall to the ground. This shrub is perfect because it will be a staple in your yard year after year. Add burning bush around the fencing of your backyard or surrounding a patio or deck.

Indian grass

For a wild look in your backyard, Indian grass exudes brilliant colors of green, bronze and blue that dance in the wind. This natural-looking plant can reach up to eight feet tall, and it requires full sun. If you want the beauty of Indian grass without the wild growth, consider planting these in aluminum tubs surrounding your outdoor space.


With golden in its name, it should come as no surprise that this colorful plant is ideal for an autumn backyard. This plant grows to about 4 feet and requires well-drained soil and full exposure to sunlight. While this plant may seem ideal for summer, it can’t take the high heat and dry weather as well, making it a great autumn plant.
For those who have a green thumb, why not grow your own fall vegetable garden to add to the landscape and provide the entire family with fresh veggies perfect for comforting soups and casseroles? These are a few of the best vegetables to plant in your garden for the fall:

  • Spinach
    Fall is the best time for spinach to grow, and is even better than the spring! You should sow the seeds about five weeks prior to the first frost, and these leaves will take about 45 days to mature. The moist and cool weather of the fall is ideal for the growth of spinach, and it can even last well into the winter when temperatures drop into the mid-20s.
  • Brussels sprouts
    Remember the days when Brussels sprouts were considered one of the least appealing veggies around? These nutrient-packed sprouts need to mature in cool weather in order to achieve the best flavor. Now is the perfect time to plant these so they are ready by fall, as they take about three months to appear and mature. When the sprouts are firm and green, they are ready to pick to complement your favorite dish.
  • Cauliflower
    Cauliflower is one of the most difficult vegetables to plant, but nutritionally rich soil and ample water can allow this plant to bloom to a full head. However, too many fluctuations in temperature and water supply may cause the plant to produce small heads.
  • Cabbage
    Cabbage needs about six to eight weeks to fully mature, around 70 days. However, cabbage needs shielding from the hot summer sun to grow properly. These guys need to be planted in a rich soil with plenty of water.

Happy fall planting!