Outdoor kitchen design ideas

Phantom Screens / May 1, 2015

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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it makes sense that more and more people are incorporating an area to prep and cook in their outdoor living spaces. The kitchen is a great place for friends and family to gather at any time of the day, and just because it is outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t follow some of the hottest trends in design.

Cooking outdoors

Alongside your stainless steel grill, you can incorporate an island eating area so the chef in the family can have company throughout the evening as well. Solid surface counters, like granite, are the most popular choice for outdoor kitchens. However, it’s best to go with a matte finish rather than the typical high-gloss you see indoors. The high-polished granite that is so popular indoors shows pollen and raindrops easily, yet the matte finish will keep these naturally occurring elements from staining.

Grills are large, elaborate and can easily eliminate the need for you to even use an indoor kitchen. Stainless steel grills can include a side burner for cooking up veggies and small compartments to store other goods. Don’t forget about installing a bar sink outside so you can quickly wash up after basting the meat.

Design ideas

You’re outside, so why not embrace the texture of nature in your kitchen design? A rock-face cabinet around the grill gives a very eclectic aesthetic without being too much. The rocks blend perfectly into the landscape as well. Brick is another natural and earthy element to add to your outdoor kitchen.

Do you love entertaining a lot of guests? If so, don’t forget about having a buffet area to line up your food. This space around the grill can double as a prep area for the chef.

Lush greenery is one of the best ways to incorporate the landscape into your outdoor kitchen. Place the grill along an area with beautiful plants and herbs, and use a sleek stone as the countertop. Your grill will virtually disappear while it’s not in use, but it will also be much more inviting than a simple steel grill set-up. Add a line of fresh herbs and some planters with homegrown vegetables so you can quickly grab some ingredients to toss into a meal.

A fireplace is a great addition to an outdoor kitchen because it will provide plenty of warmth on chilly summer and fall evenings. If you love being outside, a fire pit is a must so you can extend your patio season as much as possible. You can even have a fireplace that doubles as a wood-burning grill, perfect for homemade pizzas and rustic cooking.

Keep the bugs out

There is no better way to ruin a family meal than a swarm of flies! If you have an indoor/outdoor space, a Phantom retractable screen will provide protection against pesky flies as well shade from the sun when it is in the prime position to cast a glare over your gathering. The best way to achieve the indoor/outdoor look is to have your outdoor dining table underneath a permanent awning, which the retractable screen can be attached to. Add some cozy lightning and comfortable seating, and you’ve got the perfect outdoor dining area.

You can even have the entire kitchen space in a sheltered hut-like structure so that the chef and all of your guests can be comfortable and away from bugs. This gives you more options for storage as well, since you’ll have wall space to utilize.