Make your outdoor space homey

Phantom Screens / June 23, 2016

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Outdoor living spaces are getting continually more elaborate, becoming an extension of the interior of the home. You no longer see a slab of concrete and some folding chairs as the norm in backyards. Instead, cozy outdoor couches surround a built-in fireplace and stainless steel grills and granite countertops make for a stunning outdoor kitchen. If you are someone who loves spending all of your time outside, follow these simple steps to make your space inviting and homey.

Water feature

What better way is there to relax than to hear the gentle fall of water? A small pond or waterfall can be added to virtually any backyard space to create your very own oasis. Just imagine relaxing and enjoying the sound of trickling water. While you can create a large pond if you have ample space, you really don’t need a lot of square footage to add a simple feature. A pond-less waterfall can be designed to fit in any type of space. This aesthetically pleasing addition will make your outdoor area cozy, comfortable and spa-like.

Outdoor kitchen

There is no better way to make your outdoor area feel like part of your home than the addition of a kitchen. Incorporate a large grill with a side burner so you can cook up an entire meal without going indoors. Granite or concrete slabs make for a great island where the whole family can gather. If you love to whip up a good meal, don’t forget about including a large kitchen sink where you can rinse off dishes and do some additional prep work. Outdoor kitchens are getting increasingly popular, and design options are endless.

Living room

Create a completely livable space outdoors with cozy couches, a coffee table and maybe even a television. Waterproof fabric comes in a variety of different shades and patterns so you can extend your indoor living space outdoors. Don’t forget about pillows and blankets for the chilly nights. To make the space even more inviting, add an outdoor rug so you can take off your shoes and not have to worry about walking around on the cold concrete. Area rugs also make the space much more stylish. Do you like to get ultra cozy? Add a large hammock or canopy bed to relax and read a book or enjoy a glass of wine. To complete your outdoor living room, install Phantom’s motorized retractable screens or vinyl walls to enclose the area from bugs, wind, etc. while still enjoying the fresh air.


Getting a bit of sun now and then can be great, but if your outdoor patio doesn’t have any shade during the peak hours of the day, it can leave you needing to spend all of your time indoors. A pergola is not only incredibly stylish, but it offers you some relief from the sun’s harmful rays. You can use your imagination when designing a pergola to block out just a bit of sunlight or a lot of it.


While of course you’ll have plants in your backyard for privacy and a bit of greenery, potted plants are great for patios and decks. You’ll be able to bring nature a bit closer to you without it getting out of control. If your backyard gets ample sunlight, position the plants appropriately so they will block some rays during the afternoon or evening.

Fire feature

If you want to use your outdoor space for the majority of the year, a fire feature is a must. Add a chiminea, fireplace or fire pit near the seating area so it warms up the space where people are going to be most often. A built-in fire pit is ideal if you have one main area for gathering, but if you would rather be able to move the fire around for parties and other occasions, a small fire feature is best.