Keep the bugs at bay on your patio

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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These annoying critters are everywhere and can ruin an outdoor party for your friends and family, leaving them covered with itchy bites. For a small problem with flies or mosquitoes, you probably don’t need an exterminator, but you do need to take steps to prevent these uninvited guests from crashing your outdoor party. Take a look at some hints for warding off creepy crawlers for good and enjoy your next outdoor barbecue pest-free.

Start with the basics

Test the waters with different products before you splurge on expensive light fixtures or a mosquito magnet. Purchase a citronella candle, the most basic of bug repellent decor, to start your quest to eliminate pests. Citronella’s scent is a natural way to get rid of bugs, and candles can make for a pretty display around the perimeters of your patio. Place a few on side tables around the area and make sure to trim the wick often and keep the candles covered when not in use. There are lots of options for beautifully designed citronella candles, so get creative with a few different styles depending on the space you’re working with.
If you don’t want to add candles to your space, consider doing some minor yard work or buying food covers for when guests eat outside. Since bugs like to gather around shrubs and large piles of debris, a clean yard won’t give them anywhere to land. And, if food parties attract flies galore to your space, food covers keep bugs off of the main course while it’s being served.

Consider an enclosed patio

If pest control is at the top of your list, an enclosed patio will keep bugs out and control temperatures indoors. Phantom’s retractable screens can give you this option in a sleek and modern way. Best of all, Phantom screens can be rolled up when you want to enjoy the outdoors and put into use when the bugs start to swarm. Phantom’s retractable screens can be made with insect mesh, which keeps bugs out and blocks harmful UV rays.

Custom changes

Besides citronella candles, there are other products on the market that ward off insects. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, changing your lighting could prevent bugs from entering your space. It’s no secret that bugs love lights, but using sodium vapor lights or yellow bulbs could attract fewer pests. Installing a fan or some sort of ventilation system can circulate the air and prevent bugs from landing. A stylish overhead fan or a stationary fan near the patio seating area can work well for buggy situations.

Keep things clean

Bugs love decaying food, dirty napkins and used Tupperware, so if your parties last until late at night, don’t forget to clean up. While outdoor kitchens are a luxury for entertaining guests, they also get dirty and require upkeep. Make sure that you have cleaning products as well as a garbage container with a lid on hand. Wiping off countertops, putting away dishes and giving all your patio furniture a spray of disinfectant can do wonders for keeping bugs at bay.
Insects may never leave your property for good, but you can keep them at a distance. Use these tips for creating not only a bug-free area, but also a relaxing and enjoyable space for you and your friends.