Homeowners prefer luxury features over extra space

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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The size of a home doesn’t necessarily determine its value. According to a survey conducted by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, homeowners prefer luxury features over square footage. Installing new features in the home is a way to create additional comfort and ease. “The luxury homebuyer has high standards and invests the money, the time and the commitment to making their home fit their needs and reflect who they are,” Sherry Chris, president and CEO of BHG Real Estate, said in a statement.
There are plenty of popular home remodeling projects to turn an average house into a luxury home. Some options change the entire look of a space while others maintain the beauty of the building’s existing architecture. You can transform your home no matter your lifestyle.

Outdoor living spaces

The image of a typical backyard has transformed from grass lawn to outdoor living. Homeowners are upgrading their porches to include kitchens, living room space and more. Just about any indoor room you can dream of can be recreated outside. Covered outdoor spaces are especially conducive to these features because you can install retractable screens. Transform your veranda into a three-season room with the help of Phantom Screens. Now your veranda can become an outdoor kitchen that’s just as safe from bugs as your indoor kitchen. Retractable screens are completely invisible when not in use and keep out ultraviolet rays when they are.

Create multiple rooms in your garden by sectioning off the yard. One corner can be a peaceful retreat while the other might be a party patio. Luxury homeowners are done with boring yards. Privacy is important when designing outdoor spaces. While you’ll enjoy spending more time outside, you don’t want your neighbors sharing it with you. Retractable screens will maintain the privacy of your covered porch while still allowing for a great view and natural ventilation.

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient features are growing in popularity among luxury homeowners. The right appliances can prune monthly utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Home automation is one way to decrease energy consumption. Programmable thermostats and sprinklers allow you to choose times to heat or cool your home and water your lawn. Programmable thermostats use less energy if you set them a certain way. For example, set the system to drop the temperature of your home in winter during the day when you are at work. Then have the heat kick up when you get home. This allows you to enjoy a warm house without heating it unnecessarily.

Programmable sprinklers with water-reducing spigots need to be turned on only once a day. Install an aerator to use less water overall. Aerators blast air into the water stream so the pressure is maintained but less water is used. Both these features reduce costs and require little to no thought to operate.
Motorized retractable screens can also be programmed to deploy or retract under certain conditions or during specific times of day. A sun sensor will detect the amount of light in the area and determine whether the screens should be used. High levels of ultraviolet light will deploy the screens, keeping the home cool. As a result, the air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard in the summer, cutting back on energy use.

Warmth and comfort

A survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that fireplaces were also a popular luxury home feature. They allow homeowners to snuggle up during the winter with the enjoyable ambiance of a crackling fire.
Radiant flooring is another feature that keeps luxury homeowners cozy. These systems use electric coils underneath the floor to heat your feet. Instead of stepping on cold wood or tile in the winter, your bare feet will be met by warmth.