Have a tailgate in your backyard

Phantom Screens / June 23, 2016

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Football season is upon us, and you know what that means: wings, beer and plenty of time with family and friends. Your outdoor living spaces can quickly transform into an at-home tailgate for the next Sunday afternoon game. Who needs to go to the stadium when you have a full game day set up in your backyard? Here are a few ways to make the most out of football day in America.


Of course, you’ll need a large television in your outdoor living space to watch the game during your at-home tailgate. A projection screen or wall-mounted television set will allow all of your guests to catch every play, while a built-in sound system will make it easier for everyone to enjoy the game without having to be next to the television at all times. Have speakers sporadically placed around your outdoor area so no matter where people are congregating, they’ll be able to hear the announcers.


What tailgate is complete without games? Horseshoes, darts and pool are all great games that will keep all of your guests in the competitive mode. Set up horseshoes at either end of the yard so guests have plenty of room to have a good time while watching the game. In your indoor space, make your pool table, dart board and any other games you have readily available for guests. Set up a card table if you have one as well. Games are great for tailgating because they not only give everyone something to do between games and during half time, they also will provide activities for those who aren’t glued to the television.


Next to a television, food is the most important aspect of a party! You’ll have some crabby guests if you don’t have anything to keep them full and satisfied. Prepare traditional tailgate fare like chicken wings, dips and sandwiches. Finger foods like cheese and crackers, chips, vegetables and dips are ideal for a football tailgate.
When you’ve got a buffet of football food for the party to enjoy, the last thing you want is flies landing all over the place. Phantom’s motorized retractable screens for patios allow you to experience the outdoors without all the bugs. Plus, with the right mesh, you’ll be shielded from the glare of the sun and will get a bit more privacy from your neighbors.
If you’d prefer to prepare your food outside, make sure you are equipped with a large gas grill with plenty of room to feed a bunch of hungry football fans. Stainless steel grills that are built into an outdoor kitchen are perfect for Sunday afternoon games.


You might be wondering, “What about when the weather gets chilly?” Strategically place heaters around the outdoor space to warm everyone up during night games and events later in the season. You may also want to add a bonfire pit outside if you don’t have one to emit both light and heat. A built-in fire pit or outdoor fireplace are both ideal for fall festivities.


While some people might be enjoying the game while playing bean bag toss, others may prefer to park themselves in front of the tube while cheering on their home team. Make sure to have ample seating around the television for these guests. You will also want to place extra seating around a fire pit for those trying to get warm, as well as a few chairs around the games you have set up so people can relax. Don’t forget to add a few side tables around the seating so people have a place to put their drinks and food.