Fall decor for your veranda

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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Now that fall has finally arrived, you may be feeling the excitement that comes with watching leaves turn and the air cool. While the weather still allows it, your veranda can be a cozy haven to enjoy the changing seasons. With a few decorative touches, your outdoor living spaces will be the perfect fall getaway.

Think natural

When you begin your brainstorming, remember to include all the natural elements that define fall. Pumpkins, hay and leaves are common at this time of year. Pine cones and twigs are also great elements to incorporate into your design.
Look for natural colors as well. Pick some of your favorite fall hues to use as the overall color scheme for your seasonal veranda decor.


Adding metallic touches to your natural design will create some depth. Spray paint a few pumpkins silver, gold or bronze depending on the other colors you’ve chosen. You can mix metals here as fall colors tend to be a potpourri of warm tones anyhow. The little glint of silver is sure to catch the eye of you or your guests, drawing attention to the space you’ve created.

Flower power

Colder air doesn’t rule out the possibility of using flowers in your decorations. Choose greens, oranges, reds and yellows. You may already have leaves and gourds in these hues, but flowers add a living element that is sure to spruce things up.

Keep it cozy

One of the best parts about fall is that although the weather gets cool, being outside is still enjoyable. Your veranda can be the perfect place to read a book, play games or just relax if you add the right details. You probably already have a great set of furniture so all you need are accents.
A soft blanket in fall colors or a homemade afghan will bring some warmth outdoors. Matching pillows will change the whole mood of the space.
A few tweaks in lighting will bring your veranda from outdoor space to cozy fall retreat. Candles are great for their soft, flattering light. Put a few smaller candles or one large one in a lantern to evoke a “Sleepy Hollow” mood. If you already have electric fixtures outside, consider adding a dimmer feature to bring down the lights when you want a more intimate atmosphere.

Retractable screens

You want to be able to enjoy your veranda even as the weather gets cold. So if the breezes dancing through your retreat are a little too brisk, you may want to install motorized retractable screens to keep the warmer air in the screened space. They are also built to blend in with your existing outdoor living designs.


You have a few colors and materials to work with when designing your veranda. When pulling it all together, remember to use different levels. Put larger stalks of hay in the back of your display – they add height but their beige color doesn’t pull too much attention. In front of that, place a planter. Fill the planter with an arrangement of artificial leaves, berries and dried lotus pods. Use pumpkins as the lowest or ground level of your exhibit.
Cornucopias are classic and work great as a centerpiece. Find a woven basket that you like and fill it with fall favorites such as nuts, gourds and dried natural materials. You can place a large candle in the middle for some height. Be sure to put the candle in a glass to keep from catching the basket on fire.
A fall wreath built of twigs, leaves and your choice of other adornments is perfect for your door. It will be the last decoration you see before returning inside after an afternoon of autumnal leisure.