Embrace the calming Mediterranean in your backyard

Phantom Screens / June 17, 2016

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Do you ever wish that just by stepping outside you could enter the Mediterranean coast? Your outdoor living spaces can embody the rustic, natural design of Italian romance and luxury. The Mediterranean region is full of diverse countries, each with its own culture, beauty and lifestyle. However, a few attributes seem to describe the region as a whole, and the Mediterranean aesthetic is known for its unique textures, calming colors and laid-back vibe. Transform your outdoor decor with these design ideas and you’ll feel as though you are relaxing along Italy’s coast without even having to get out your passport.


A wood-burning fireplace not only evokes the Mediterranean style, but also makes it possible for you to cook up a delicious Italian pizza. You can include a dual fireplace and wood-burning oven so you can either warm up next to it on a cold night or whip up a truly authentic meal. Get yourself some fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella and olive oil and you’ll be eating just like an Italian.


To embody the Mediterranean feel, you’ll want to incorporate wild plants and brightly hued flowers into your outdoor living space. Along the coastline in Italy, vibrantly colored tropical plants are abundant and they remain untamed. While of course you’ll want to keep the greenery in your backyard in order, adding large planters and vines will give off a similar look without the maintenance. Consider wild grass or lavender plants that will help you create an oasis in your backyard. You may also want to make sure that you include some potted herbs so that homemade pizza and pasta is as fresh as it would be in Tuscany.

Old World charm

Terra-cotta pavers or Spanish tiles are perfect to include in your outdoor living space. They will instantly transport you and your guests into the countryside of Italy. The warm tones can be used throughout your entire deck or patio space, or you can use them sparingly, for example, creating a walkway. Consider adding areas of gravel where you’ll have potted plants or mosaic tiles along a wall that offers you privacy from neighbors. Add thick columns around the pool or garden area to incorporate a bit of Rome’s most famous architecture into your design.


If you’ve ever been to Italy in the summer, you know it gets hot! A gazebo can offer you a bit of shade while capturing the Tuscan feel. Consider adding sheer curtains to the exterior of the gazebo or even a retractable screen that gives you a bit more seclusion while keeping bugs at bay.

Dining room

Italians have big families and they love to plan elaborate dinners with everyone. Therefore, there is no Mediterranean-inspired outdoor living space without an area for gathering and eating. Incorporate a large, rectangular table that can comfortably fit 10 to 12 people to eat a meal. Consider a marble tabletop or handmade wood table that makes everyone feel welcome and cozy. Decorate the table with terra-cotta potted plants and candles.

Water feature

If you don’t have a view of water, you’ll want to make sure to include some sort of fountain or pond in your backyard to embrace this element that is so important in Mediterranean style. A small fountain will give you the sound of cascading water to truly relax you, while a small pond will be a great place to have your morning cup of coffee. If you have a great view of the water, make sure to incorporate this into your design. For example, have your dining area elevated for a perfect view of the shoreline along with a small fireplace that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful view throughout the entire year.