Easy upgrades to improve your home's curb appeal

Phantom Screens / June 23, 2016

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Sprucing up your home’s facade creates an impressive and welcoming entrance. By thinking like a designer and combining the elements of color, form and proportion, you can ensure that your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.


A carefully selected color palette can vastly improve a drab exterior. If you have siding, consider using an unexpected color of exterior paint. Greens and blues are popular color choices and offer an alternative to the typical neutrals that siding is usually painted. Oranges and yellows are great house colors for warmer climates, offering a sense of warmth, whereas pastel shades of yellow and pink offer a brightness that creates a contrast with the deep green of surrounding vegetation. A bold red house color evokes images of pastoral barns and the seaside cottages of the east coast.

If painting your entire home in a bold color seems too extreme, try instead for a boldly colored door. Exterior color palettes composed of two neutrals and a bold accent color work very well on home exteriors. Use the two neutrals for siding and trim and the accent color for your door and maybe a piece or two of patio furniture. Be sure to touch up the paint on your front door regularly to keep it looking crisp and fresh. In addition, don’t neglect your screen door. These can often become rusty and chip off paint well before the main door loses any paint. If you wish to reap the benefits of a screen door without obstructing the view of your brightly colored front door, a retractable screen that retreats from view when not in use may be the best option – and they can be custom-colored to match your décor!


A home’s exterior should be integrated into one main style. This means that the architectural features of your home’s shape should match any accessories you decide to add. If your house is built in a Spanish mission style, then you probably shouldn’t add elaborate Corinthian columns and detailed Victorian trim to your front porch. These conflicting architectural styles will clash and make for a bewildering spectacle for any passers-by.

Hardscaping, the construction of permanent landscaping features such as tiered cement flower beds, is a great way to break up your landscaping into layers. Constructing permanent beds of varying heights adds a dynamic visual interest to your home by breaking up the visual plane. The same effect can be achieved by including plants of many different heights when considering your front landscaping. Additionally, don’t be afraid to incorporate plant life into your porch by hanging flower baskets and potted plants.


The proportions of your front exterior are capable of inspiring a sense of wonder in observers. Proportion refers to the relationship between the sizes of the various aspects of your front entrance. For example if you have planters flanking your front door, you want to ensure that they are of an appropriate size in relation to the height of any nearby windows as well as the width of adjacent columns or support beams. Too small and they will look out of place. Too large and they will make the whole space seem smaller than it actually is.

By thinking like a designer, you can create a stunning facade for your home. The color, form and proportions of your front entrance will have a substantial impact on the way people not only view, but feel about your house. Add to these categories plenty of lighting, comfy seating and maybe a side table or two, and your home’s curb appeal will skyrocket.