Designing your outdoor television room

Phantom Screens / May 30, 2016

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Whether you want to watch the big game on your patio or spend a relaxing evening outdoors catching up on your favorite show, digitalizing your space outside is the perfect way to enjoy the warm weather. Outdoor living spaces with wireless technology have revolutionized the way we watch television, because, after all, this area is just an extension of the home. Similar to a finished basement, a patio with a television can be used by the entire family, and it’s a great way to end the argument of who gets to watch what.

Wireless technology

Extension cords and super-long cable connections are a hazard and can easily get damaged by a rain storm. Wireless technology is a convenient solution that allows you to have television sets, DVD players, stereo systems or even video game counsels in your outdoor area – and who wouldn’t love to send the kids outside to play their games?

Weatherproof televisions are designed to withstand year-round use outdoors. These devices incorporate built-in marine-grade speakers and sensors. You don’t have to worry about a glare during certain points in the day as these sensors will automatically brighten and dim the picture for the best quality no matter what time it is. Waterproof LCD screens are best to avoid exposure from the weather. Plasma screens need protection from the sun and rain, and they must be mounted in a shady area.
You can safely mount your television to the wall with all-weather supports that don’t rust and contain high-quality material to withstand wind, rain, snow and high heat. These mounts will also allow tilting and swiveling so you can jump in the pool, hang out by the fire or play a game in your backyard without missing a second of your television show.

If you’d really like to take it to the next level, you can opt for an outdoor video projection system with a pull down screen. These are small and lightweight so you can have your own movie theater to enjoy in the beautiful weather. Outdoor projection screens can also be motorized and mounted virtually anywhere in your yard or patio, including by the pool, pond or hot tub.

Add high-quality sound

What’s a great television without perfect sound? High-quality audio systems can often allow you to transmit wireless sound throughout your entire home, including your outdoor space. Because audio systems feature sensitive materials and cords, wireless sound systems can be kept indoors, while the speakers stay outside.

Incorporate seating

Cozy lounge chairs and comfy couches are a great way to bring your living space outdoors. High-quality chaise furniture makes it easy to kick your feet up and cuddle up next to your loved ones. When you are looking for patio furniture for your television area, ensure you have enough room for everyone to sit so they can see the screen. Don’t forget about side tables or a coffee table for drinks and food – you need popcorn to watch a movie! Have a secure storage space safe from rain where you can store blankets and pillows as well.