Decorating a mantelpiece for Christmas

Phantom Screens / August 3, 2016

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When it comes to decking the halls and bringing in the holidays, it’s pretty tough to beat a fireplace for decoration! As a festive focal point a fireplace is the first sign of welcome, not just to Santa Clause, but to all your other visitors too! So why not take the chance to create a Christmas conversation piece and an amazing place to hang your stockings.

Traditional or funky

So many choices! You can create an opulent traditional display with garlands and sways, candles and trinkets, lights and so much more… With such a dizzying array of things to choose from it can be tough to narrow down just what you want. Well, first things first. If you’ve got a traditional fireplace, then going modernist might be a bit too much of a contrast. So, take a step back and see what suits your space. If you’ve got an ornate Victorian style mantel, then why not do a bit of research and go for a historical take on it with simple garlands of foliage and candlesticks?

You can always choose things that match with your Christmas tree, or home decor. Or if you like to choose a theme each year for your decoration, make sure your fireplace fits with that. Whatever you decide, make sure you leave room to hang your family’s stockings ready for the big day.

Fresh foliage

There’s nothing like the fragrance of pine and evergreen foliage to make you think of Christmas. Creating beautiful sways of greenery and accessorizing them with baubles, lights and ribbons can really make a fireplace look fabulous for the festive season.

Created in the same way as garlands for your staircase, fireplace swags are a great way to decorate a fireplace for Christmas. To keep them fresh, soak them overnight in a bath tub of water before shaking off the moisture and hanging them. They’ll look great for longer that way. If you’re using foliage and want to make your fireplace twinkle with lights, use energy efficient LEDS. They’re cheaper to run and have the advantage of not heating up, so they won’t dry fresh foliage out.

All around decoration

When it comes to fireplaces, don’t just decorate the mantelpiece. Think about what’s above it and what’s in the hearth. You could replace an over mantel mirror with a Christmas themed mirror or picture. And don’t forget to add candles to the display for a really warming touch. If you’re worried about naked flames, you can always get battery operated candles with faux flickering wicks. At a distance, no one will know the difference and you won’t have to worry about accidental fires.

On the hearth itself, pile presents either side (if you’re not using the fire) or add groups of church style candles. Just make sure you leave a space for Santa’s milk and cookies (and a carrot or two for Rudolph!) come Christmas Eve.

Simple and sophisticated

If you’re looking to decorate a more contemporary fireplace, there are lots of ways to do it, from simple paper decorations to very plain garlands. Chances are if you have a modern fireplace, you’ll like a less traditional look, so check out some of the interior design stores in your area. They often have alternative decorations and Christmas accents that you can choose to fit your style and color scheme. And in the case of truly modern decorative styles, remember the design mantra that, in some cases, less is more!

No fireplace? No problem!

Finally, for those folks who don’t have a fireplace, there’s an alternative to watching a fireplace on the TV or computer. Check out this link to a really cute alternative!